Finding a Credible Web Hosting Company – Eased out in 5 Simple Steps

How to choose an appropriate web host? The internet is practically bombarded with this query at any time. It is important to have a realization that a suitable web host is responsible for providing soaring success to your organization and also for causing disastrous impacts.  Therefore, choosing one is definitely not an easy-going task. The web host you decide on should be your friend and should at all times put the interests of your organization at behest.


If you are finding it difficult to figure out the best web host, here are some basic points to keep in mind before going on board with your search.

Tips on Finding a Reliable Web Hosting Company

Market Reputation

Hosting an online platform is not a short term investment; therefore playing with your options may not prove fruitful. Always choose a reputable company, which has been around for a significant period of time and must possess a list of satisfied clienteles. Run through some feedbacks and reviews before coming on to any decision.

Secure Platform

SSL certification possessed by an online store is the key to establishing a sense of dependability among potential customers. A certificate means you are capable of protecting the sensitive data of customers from being stolen by online hackers. Therefore, make sure your host provides SSL certificate to your e-commerce portal.

Customer Support

Your online portal will counter some issues time to time. Therefore, you need a robust customer service in order to resolve those issues in a quick manner. Prolonged downtime may result in losing out prospective customers.

All in One

A quality web host is identified by the range of services it provides. Seeking multiple service providers for various necessities of your website is not an option here. Therefore, a web host must encompass all the services required by an online website under a single roof. Web site building software, shopping cart, security, etc. are some aspects of an online store for which a single service provider is necessary.


A good quality web host also excels in providing affordable website solutions to its customers. It is thereby, recommended to run a price comparison check on internet before finalizing your decision.

A web hosting company for an online entity is in for the long run. Therefore choosing out the most dependable one is highly important for your business to flourish. Above mentioned tips will certainly help you in finding one.

Samsung Galaxy Star; cute affordable smartphone for the younger lot

Samsung continues its handset parade with a phone that is targeted at a younger customer base, Samsung Galaxy Star. The handset sports 3 inch QVGA displays, 512 MB of RAM, 2MP rear cameras, 4 GB of internal storage, 1200mAh batteries and micro SD slots.

The galaxy star sports a slightly powerful processor than its near competition Galaxy Pocket Neo with a 850 MHz offering. Both the devices are packed with Android Jelly Bean operating system.



  • Design wise, it is a refreshing change to mammoth 5inch screens. It is much smaller compared to other smart phones and is handy and cute with its round edges. The shell is made of glossy plastic.
  • There is a small ring around the camera and has a faux metal finish. The build is top class considered to its stature and price and much better than local OEMs which are in the same race as the Star.
  • The screen in Galaxy Star although not perfect but considering its low price is acceptable. It is bright and has decent colours to flaunt.
  • The touch response for the device is good, although the screen size and resolution is much less, but in terms of showing colour, the device makes a mark for itself
  • The Jelly Bean OD it runs on is customized with Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface. This makes the user access popular data services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Gmail. Users can have access to other Android apps as well, music player, photo editing software from the playstore.
  • The device cannot however hand le 2G or Wi-Fi connect. This makes the device way to slower and with added applications like Facebook and Twitter, the phone gets all the more slower. Also it cannot be used as a modem for faster internet access. Tethering is supported but speed is limited to 2G.

Samsung Galaxy Star delivers the promise it makes. If you want a phone that can handle more than messages and calls, gives you the freedom of venturing into the internet world, a bit, the device is a reliable option at its price point. It offers access to vastly better application, calendar management and contacts through the services of Google which indeed is a boon for the target audience.

Sadly however with a brand like Samsung we expect more. The experience is not ground breaking and with an Android phone the user looks for more, even if it is a basic smart phone with a 4 inch screen.


Invest In An Efficient And Cost-Effective Laser Printer

There is no denying the fact that, printers are one of the most essential devices required in every home and office. You must be aware of the fact that there are different types of printers available in the market. However, as the technology is rapidly progressing, the gap between laser and inkjet printers is rapidly reducing. There was a time when the inkjet printers were known to produce high-resolution images. However, this is not the case any longer. Even the laser ones can offer high-resolution images with good printing speeds. Thus, you can invest on these options to get complete value for money.

Affordable And Cost-Effective:

In the context of laser printer, the first thing that will come to your mind is the expense associated with it. However, days are gone when lasers used to cost more than the inkjet printers. You can get color and monochrome ones that are available at affordable prices. In fact, there are lots of models in them. Some of the models can even reduce the cost of printing and offer optimum printing performance. If you are looking for printers for your small office, you can always go for these options. You will end up getting extreme satisfaction.

Considering The Performance:

While looking for any model in a laser printer, you should not only consider the printing cost, but also the performance. Thus, it is important to understand your needs before making any decision. You will have to decide whether you want a color or a monochrome printer. Check out the print resolution. The minimum resolution for all printers is 600 dots per inch. More dots mean higher resolution and better image. You should also check out the speed of performance. The speeds are measured by the pages per minute. There are some printers that are efficient in both color and black and white printing, while there are others that are efficient in a particular mode.

Checking Out Designs:

In the recent days, there is limitation in space. Therefore, you might want to go for small printers. All printers are available with trays to hold paper. Most models are designed to connect to additional trays. Some of them are even available with multipurpose trays. It flips out from the main body and makes it easier to handle papers including envelopes and even index cars. Thus, it is time that you review various models and invest on the most suitable option.

Summary: In the recent years, there are many people that invest on a laser printer because of the performance and cost of operations. There are several models available, and you can go for any of them.

Meet out every requirement related to mobile phone through latest Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung keeps on experimenting with the features of every new model that it launches. It always brings out a new innovation and technology in its Smartphones. It is well known to every individual about the popularity of Samsung. It has established its name not only in the field of Smartphones but also in various other electronic devices. The most awaited Smartphone of Samsung that was released in 2014 was Samsung Galaxy S5, another successor of galaxy phone series after Samsung galaxy S4.

samsung galaxy s5

If we talk about the looks of this phone, it is more or less similar to its predecessors in terms of looks, having curved edges and sleek design. The only thing that distinguishes it from other Smartphones of Samsung is its extra ordinary features. Some of the unique features of this much awaited Smartphone of Samsung are:

  • Resists both water and Dust: Talking about the body of this phone, it is made up of such material which resists both water and dust. This feature of the phone will protect your phone from various unwanted particles like rain, sweat, dust and sand in any activity or situation. This phone has been certified with IP67 certification for this facility.
  • Possess power saving mode: The basic problem with most of the Smartphones is quick drainage of the battery of these phones. This new innovation of Samsung also possesses a solution for this quick battery drainage. It is built with ultra mode of power saving through which people can extend and save the battery life of this phone. This power saving mode is another unique feature of this phone which helps people at times of running low battery.
  • Monitor your heart rate: One of the most interesting features of this Smartphone of Samsung is its facility to monitor the heart beat of the individuals. This phone comes up with an in built feature of monitoring heart rate by just putting your finger on the back side of the phone.
  • Assured security through finger scanner: Another interesting and unique feature of this phone is that it provides assured security of data on your phone by proving finger scanner facility in it. With the help of this facility only you can access your phone with the help of your own finger.

These are some of the features of Samsung Galaxy S5 which attracted people from all over the world towards it and increased its popularity.


Experience all new worlds of technology and innovation with Samsung galaxy duos 2

Every new model of Samsung mobile phones that comes up includes a new and improved version of technology and innovation. Samsung is known for its customer centred approach in terms of manufacturing mobile phones. Samsung mobile phones are all equipped with modern features and amenities which can be availed by every common man because of their reasonable prices. One of the popular Smartphone of Samsung galaxy series is Samsung galaxy duos 2. It also includes all the modern features and amenities of Samsung which can be used by every common individual.

sasmung s duos

This series of Smartphone was launched with a bang among common people. The reason behind its popularity was its affordable and reasonable price and its innovative features. Some of the common features which are available in this phone are:

  • Advanced processor and operating system: One of the most powerful features of this Smartphone is its advances version of processor and operating system. It contains a dual core processor of 1.2 GHz which provides sufficient speed to the users. Its operating system is also the advanced version of Android. It contains jelly bean operating system of Android 4.2.
  • Dual mode of SIM: This phone also posses the feature of dual SIM mode in which both the SIM work simultaneously. This means you can use both the SIMs together, not one by one. This feature enables people to manage both the SIM card at the same time.
  • High level of storage capacity: This phone contains that much sufficient storage capacity that is required by a common man. It contains a RAM of 768 MB and ROM of 4 GB. The internal memory of the phone can also be extended till 64 GB. This much memory is sufficient enough to store various games and applications in the phone.
  • Better view on screen: It contains a TFT display of 4” which provide a better and clear view of videos and images on the screen.  The size of the display is adequate for playing games, watching videos and typing texts etc.
  • Enjoy web surfing in various languages: This phone also provides an exciting feature of web surfing in various Indian languages. It provides a platform for the users to browse web in 10 different Indian languages which include: Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi etc.

The best part about this phone is that all these features of Samsung galaxy duos 2 are available in cost effective rates which can be easily afforded.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Hosting

Today is the era of digitalization, which made organizations change the way they work and communicate. World Wide Web works with hosting services and allows enterprises to upload their data on the Internet for easy distribution. Web hosting also help an enterprise owner to upload their website on the World Wide Web. Web hosts provide space for a particular website on servers so that it can have space and connectivity through web hosts. Out of Windows and Linux hosting, Linux has emerged as a favorite web hosting platform over the years. In this article, we will discuss Linux hosting in detail and focus on its advantages and disadvantages.Linux-Web-Hosting

Linux Hosting: The Basics

A UNIX-based open source platform, Linux is used for established as well as new business owners for web hosting. Linux provides users an opportunity to update files on server and through any hard drive. What makes it different is its telnet access that helps the users to interpret data over TCP. It also aids the user with any application on browser by using Common Gateway Interface (CGI). It is an open source platform, which means that it provides access to a large range of scripts and various applications, which makes it easier for developers to try their hands at the process of web development.

What are the advantages of Linux hosting?


Every business look for a secure hosting platform and Linux provides the users that opportunity. The hosting platform is known for its stability and security features and also gives a robust platform to the users.

Backup option

Back up can save you a lot of money, which makes it important for a hosting platform to have a backup. Linux has inbuilt tools that bring you the best in class back-up facility.


Choose Linux web hosting to get basic plans including Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripting, FTP access, e-mail services, and e-mail services, among others.

Hassle-free administration

Unlike numerous other platforms, Linux provides hassle-free administration without having to use any other software tool.


Compatibility issues

As discussed above, if your website is developed keeping windows in mind, you might face numerous issues related to compatibility. These days, this problem can be solved using

Domain knowledge

Although, this is not a major issue, but it is not wrong to say that having inappropriate or very less  knowledge of Linux can be disadvantageous.

Linux, like other platforms have both advantages and disadvantages. However, considering the advantages it may provide to any business, it is advisable for opt for it.


Why Convert Webpage to pdf

Webpages are in HTML format or Hyper Text Markup Language and are difficult to share due to issues like not compatible with different browsers, difficult to share large files among others. On the other hand, PDF file format gives you incredible ease to share files over different browsers without any concerns. PDF format is very secure as it leaves an electronic footprint whenever there is any editing done in the original document. Pdf files are easily shared or transferred as they do not depend on any hardware. Pdf format shows you the electronic form of how the document will look when printed.

It is important to make sure that the documents that you share are secure and hence conversion gets inevitable because HTML format files are not that secure as they can be altered easily. In order to keep your documents secure you need to transfer your web documents to pdf file format. It is necessary to know the benefits of using pdf file format in order to be sure about the conversion.


Benefits of using pdf file format

Pdf file format comes with incredible benefits thereby making them popular as a secure file format.

Highly secure

This file format is extremely secure and hence it allows you to transfer confidential documents by converting them to pdf file format. It is necessary that you choose the best converter to convert webpage to pdf so that your requirements are fulfilled and you face no issues regarding the same.

Share large files

You can easily share large files by compressing them into smaller space. Pdf format is very helpful in sharing bulky files as it is a portable file format that does not require any external hardware and is also independent of the operating system being used.

Easy to create

One of the key reason why it is beneficial to convert webpage to pdf is that pdf files are easy to create and using them is completely hassle free.

It is very easy to bring about this conversion as you just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

-        Download the converter software

-        Follow the steps mentioned by the conversion provider

-        Upload the webpage to be converted

-        Save the converted file in your computer

It is necessary to download reliable software so that you don’t risk the security of your document by availing some low grade software.


His article helps users understand the importance if using pdf file format and why it is necessary to convert webpage to pdf. It gives you an insight into the steps followed to bring about this conversion.


Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Comes With 8GB Storage Value

At this present scenario, it is not quite difficult to come with the best Smartphone for your use. There are different types of features and specifications available for your use, and you need to be aware of the best ones, after coming in terms with your prices. In order to get hold of the best one, and within affordable rates, try and go for the galaxy grand duos, the latest Smartphone, on the cards. This product comes with 5 inches, along with a display of 480 x 800. Moreover, it can offer you with a processor of 1.2 GHz and an additional 1 GB RAM. The product comprises of 8 MP camera.

Checking the detailed information

With the help of modern technology, people are coming in terms with some of the new inventions, for Smartphone development. You have to be aware of the latest and key features, before a final say.

  • The display of the phone is nearly 5 inches, helping you out with a big screen.
  • It comprises of 8 MP primary camera along with a secondary camera of 2MP, making picture quality great.
  • It follows the rules of 1.2 GHz and 1 GB RAM, all in-built the phone.
  • The phone comprises of a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, making picture quality above all.

Other key specifications available

Apart from the points already mentioned, you would like to know more about the additional features of samsung galaxy grand duos. This will help you to know more about the uses of this phone, as well.

  • The phone will follow the operating system of Android 4.1 option, making internet transmission a smooth process of all time.
  • The battery capacity of this phone is 2100 mAh, with a long talking hour.
  • It comprises of 8GB storage value, helping you to store music and video of innumerable numbers.

Comparing the prices well

Even though the phone is new in the market, still people are already aware of its presence. Keeping the hefty amount in mind, you can look for special EMI service while planning to buy samsung galaxy grand duos. The product is the latest model in the digital world and is already gaining huge popularity among the buyers. Just make sure you have proper knowledge about the online portals, before a final say. Just make it a point to go for the price comparison, and get in touch with professional EMI service. This will help you to get your best product, without hampering your pocket.


A guide to choose Domain Name for your website

Domain name is an important resource of every website as it has the responsibility for your website in the online arena. In order to get the desired impact for your website, it is important that you get in touch with a reliable domain name registrar that can look after your business needs. As an entrepreneur, you should take care that you get best domain assistance for your enterprise.

This article focuses on the features that your domain name must possess so that you are able to get good business opportunities.


Speak aloud about your brand

The domain name you choose for your online store must clearly speak of the products and services you offer. It should not be a very complex one and must create the right impression in the mind of the online visitor. It should act as a promotional tool to your organization and hence should be catchy enough to serve the purpose resourcefully.

Easy to memorize

The best domain name for your online store must be short and easy to spell for everyone. An effort to add complexity to your domain name may corroborate to be very dangerous for its popularity. The domain name must be able to appeal the masses and increase your sales. Domain name that are expensive need not be appropriate for your enterprise. It should clearly portray the product and services you want to sell. It should not give any wrong idea and therefore excessive use of ornamental words can also be detrimental for the enterprise.

Target your audience

Domain name should be capable of clutching the attention of your target audience and inspire them to visit your website and buy your products. Domain name should act as a medium to highlight the idea behind the setup and connect with the online customers. The viewers must feel connected to your brand and be driven to avail your services and share good response with their friends.

A reliable provider will provide you effective domain registration services at affordable prices. You should always get the domain name registered in your name so that you can make any change without any external interference.

Your provider should provide technical assistance in case you face any issues with your domain name and its functionality. This will help you ensure that your business  does not lose any opportunity.


Domain name is  a very crucial resource of every website and hence you should select your domain name with great care. You can get in touch with a known provider for quality assistance.

tab 2 vs tab 3

A Comparative Study of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the arena of smart phones that offer an array of world-class mobile phones across the globe. The company offers a plethora of smart phones at multiple price range. In addition to this all its products are made up of advanced technology that promises value for money. Apart from the basic smart phones, the company also offers a wide selection of tablets to choose from. The latest release by the Samsung in the product line of tablets is Samsung galaxy tab 3. The tab 3 was launched amidst high anticipation from its most discerning users. Galaxy Tab 3 is smaller in size as compared to its predecessors and much sleeker design. It also supports enhanced capabilities that bring improved performance and multimedia experience to the user’s fingertips. In this write-up you will read about the basic differences between Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3. Read on.

tab 2 vs tab 3

Difference between Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is equipped with 3 MP Camera that also supports panorama view along with a night mode, whereas Tab 2 has only a geo tagging feature and the mega pixels remain the same for both the tabs.

The other basic difference between the two models is the processor, tab 3 one is becoming dearer because of its high speed connectivity that can range up to 21 Mb per second in terms of downloading. Tab 2, however lacks DLNA feature.

Also, the latest model supports memory card up to 64GB as compared to 32 GB storage memory in Tab2. About the operating system Galaxy Tab 3 is powered with 4.2 version of Android whereas tab 2 now supports 4.2 but when it was launched it was powered with 4.0 version of android.

Samsung Galaxy Tab3 being the latest release by Samsung is a little costlier than tab 2. Those who want to own a tab in lesser price range Tab 2 is the best choice for them otherwise buying the latest device is always a preference. In order to buy either of the Tabs at affordable rates which are lesser than the actual retail rates, consider buying from an ecommerce website. Buying online is always a viable option, as you get most of the products at highly discounted rates. And due to the availability of number of ecommerce websites, you get various options to choose the best deal available in the market.