Why do we need a payment gateway

There is boom of online business ventures these days. These enterprises have made buying goods very easy as they allow users to buy the goods of choice without visiting different places. The vast online market allows them to choose the product and services that they require very easily. Customer reviews play a very crucial role in determining the right merchant to choose for buying products online. In order to be that right merchant that customers can trust you need to provide them with an easy and secure payment option that safeguards their credit card details and gives outstanding service. This is an important feature that every online merchant must incorporate in their venture.

It is a common question as to why do we need a payment gateway, there can be enough ways of answering this but let us concentrate on the business viewpoint of this thing. A secure payment gateway is something that all online customers yearn for. It is absolutely true that if you provide a secure payment mechanism for payment of goods, you will be able to have a good reputation in the online market that will in turn boost your sales.

This helps overcome the concerns regarding the security of credit card details provided by the customer. One of the main reason as to why you should go for an online payment gateway is that it provides you freedom from tedious accounting of payments received from varied sources. Payment is usually delayed which is reflected in time of delivery of the goods. Online payment gateways provide real time payment facility which will transfer funds to the merchant account instantaneously. It acts as a mediator between customer account and merchant account. Payment is processed on your website and hence your customers are assured of the security of their payment details. It is necessary that you get the best provider for your business so that you can make the best use of this incredible technology.

Benefits at a glance

There are numerous benefits that have made these gateways so popular, few of them are discussed below:

  • Saves time and energy required for accounting
  • Easy monthly packages according to your business
  • Improves your reputation as a reliable online entrepreneur
  • More time to focus on expending your business through vast online market


Factors that need to be looked upon before choosing an online payment gateway

Online payment gateways are a powerful tool that plays a vital role in establishing you as a reliable merchant in the virtual market. It is a well-known fact that as an entrepreneur your credibility is very important and hence it is necessary that you build a solid one by giving your business an efficient online payment gateway. It will give you incredible ease and reduce the time and effort you put in accounting for the payments received from varies sources. Your customers can easily pay for the goods bought without being concerned about the security of your credentials.

Before you make any decision regarding payment gateway services, it is necessary that you gain thorough knowledge of the services and take a wiser decision. In order to motivate your customers to buy goods from your website, it is necessary you make sure that your service provider is a renowned one and abides by the security protocols verified by credit card providers.

There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind regarding the choice of online payment gateway provider; few of them are discussed below:

Adequate security measures

The security measures that your provider undertakes for safeguarding the credentials of your customers must be of global standards so that customers can have faith in them. It helps build your reputation as an online merchant that ensures the safety of user credentials, thereby giving an impulse to your business.

Swift payment processing

The payment procedure should be very quick so that money is transferred into merchant account instantly. This will help you to ship orders in time thereby improving customer satisfaction.

According to your business requirement

It is necessary that you pay according to the services you use. You must get a customized package that fulfills your entire business requirement without adding to your financial burden. The services should be affordably and according to the number of transactions taking place on your site in a month.

Expert assistance

In case of any technical issue, it is necessary that your provider helps you resolve it quickly so that you do not lose any business. It is necessary that your customers don’t face any problem while making using the online payment gateway, therefore, your service provide must provide round the clock technical assistance for the same.


How does a payment gateway work

An online payment gateway is a powerful tool that helps you to give your customers ease of making payments online without compromising with the safety of their credit card credentials. It is important to realize that an online payment gateway is an ardent need of every online business venture. This enhances your reputation as reliable online merchant that caters to the needs of his customers. Online shoppers are reluctant to make payments and this is a major drawback for your business prospects. Considering the Indian scenario, online payment gateways in India help Indian entrepreneurs to make the most of this facility and improve on their customer services.

As far as merchant’s point of view is concerned, customer satisfaction determines how well your business is doing in the virtual arena. Customer reviews are a clear evidence of the level of services yu provide. In order to improve on these aspects and improve your credibility as an online merchant, it is necessary that you avail the services of an online service provider that will ensure that payments taking place at your site are secure and error free.

Working at a glance

It is necessary that you are well acquainted by the working of online payment gateways in order to choose the right provider. This article focuses on the working of these payment gateways and gives you an insight into this methodology. It also helps you understand what all to expect from your service provider:

Mediator between customer and merchant account

Online payment gateway acts as a mediator or link between the two parties i.e. the buyer and the sender. It efficiently performs real time fund transfer in order help merchants to initiate shipping of goods without any delay.

Ensure security of credentials

When we talk about Indian online payment gateway, we can be sure of the security measures if we avail the services of a reliable provider. These providers follow all the security protocols necessary for ensuring the security of user credentials.

Smooth functioning and ease of operation

These payment gateways are secure medium of payment that is easy to operate and technical issues can be easily resolved by the experts from your service provider.

These features help your customers to make payment without any hesitation. It is necessary that you avail services of a reliable provider so as to get best services.


Enterprise mobility: Incredible technology

Samsung is known to provide the best electronics products that are of very high quality and aim to provide you with outstanding performance at all times. Samsung has expanded its business from tablets, smartphones and home appliances to enterprise mobility that ensures the safety and security of the data of an enterprise at affordable prices.

There are a wide variety of products that have made Samsung so popular amongst all generations. It is necessary that you buy electronic products from a reliable provider and Samsung is the best choice beyond doubt. The key products from the house of Samsung are:

Samsung laptops

Samsung laptops are best for your work setting and give you amazing performance without costing you too much money. It is important to realize this fact that Samsung laptops exemplify the word portability and help you carry it out with wherever you go. This feature has made them favorite of the people who are always on the go.

Samsung mobiles

Samsung brings to you an amazing variety of smartphones that not only give you the ability to stay connected with the outside world but also give you numerous application that add ease your daily routine and make it fun filled.

Samsung home appliances

Samsung provides you an amazing range of home appliances that will give you luxurious experience. These appliances are not just cost-effective but also help you save on your electricity bill. These products do not require any repair and are highly durable and designed in a manner that it can fit in easily.

Enterprise mobility


It is an incredible technology from Samsung that helps businesses to safeguard their useful data private details without hindering with their performance and user friendly feature. The main features of enterprise mobility are discussed below:

-        Assessment of the mobile needs according to employee preference

-        Make sure that the platform is secure

-        Manage security requirements

-        Platform must have numerous applications

-        The enterprise specific services must be available

Samsung has brought in a great innovation with enterprise mobility and is hence regarded as the pioneer brand in electronic market. Samsung products are affordably priced so that you can buy them without any burden on your budget. They require low maintenance and are hence are household products and the quality performance they provide is incredible.


Why do you need VPS server hosting?

Web hosting is required for improving the performance of your website so that wide spectrum of users can easily view the website simultaneously without any delay. Selection of the hosting provider depends upon the requirement of your enterprise. It is important to have adequate knowledge about your hosting requirements before you choose your hosting provider. There are a variety of hosting options available which can be used for hosting purposes but it is important to choose the one that best fulfills your hosting needs.

What is VPS?

Virtual private server or VPS is a virtual server that is developed within a server. This type hosting refers to multiple personalized servers within a single server. VPS hosting allows websites to be hosted on the same physical machine but they are fully independent and function as if they were on separate machines


How does VPS work

Websites hosted on VPS server are allowed to customize their settings and functionalities without affecting other website hosted on the same machine. It overcomes the problems with shared hosting servers where ill performance of one website affected all other websites too. Earlier during peak traffic one website used to employ all server resources leading to poor performance of other websites. In VPS each virtual server is provided its own resources that are not shared with any one.

Advantages of VPS hosting

VPS hosting comes with abundant advantages which have made it popular, few of them are discussed below:

Secure server

It provides you secure storage option as you don’t share our operating system with anyone. This is a very big advantage which helps small enterprises to host their data without any security issues.


This type of server hosting allows you to customize the services according to your needs and is best for Apache, PHP and MySQL.  This feature is very attractive as you are allowed to use certain features and get rid of others.


You can install applications on you server without affecting other websites hosted on the server. It allows you to restart your system in the process installation

Dedicated RAM

VPS provides you dedicated RAM which is available for your use at all times. There is no sharing of resources and hence you can utilized your resources to the fullest and your website runs smoothly even during peak traffic hours.

domain -transfer

Domain Transfer Guide: How to Transfer Your Domain from GoDaddy to BigRock?

People have varying reasons for transferring their domains from one hosting provider to another. For some, the present state of customer service they receive does not satisfy their expectations. For others, it is a matter of seeking greener pastures and so on. Regardless of a person’s reason to move to another registrar, the process of domain transfer has disappointed a good number of people already. It is true that the process can be fairly easy, but it at times fails, especially when clarity of process lacks.

It is, therefore, advisable for individuals to seek information about the domain transfer process before proceeding. It will go a long way in minimizing frustration and disappointment after one has started the transfer process. When transferring your domain name to use, the process partially depends on your present registrar. Below is a step by step guide on how to transfer your domain from Godaddy to BigRock.

domain -transfer

  1. Begin by logging in to Godaddy.com. Provide your customer number and password in the provided fields right at the top of the page and press ‘enter
  2. On the upper right hand corner of your present page, choose ‘My Account’ and then click ‘My Products.’ On the screen that opens, locate your domain under ‘My Domains.’
  3. Click on your domain name. Doing this presents your domain information in a new window known as ‘Domain details. Proceed by clicking the advanced view appearing on the right inside of your new window (If it has not been selected).
  4. Under domain information, click on the manage link on the left side of the window.
  5. Uncheck the box next to lock domains and then click ok twice. This action is meant for unlocking domain for transfer purposes.
  6. Next to the authorization code, click the send email link; it is located on the left side of the page. Again click OK twice.
  7. Check your email address linked to your Godaddy account to see if there is a message from your hosting provider. If you notice the alphanumeric code appearing next to Authorization Info, then that is code you require to be able to transfer your domain.
  8. 8.       Now, go to BigRock.com and then click on My Account at the top. Provide your email address and password and then click on Login.
  9. At the top of the page, open the domain’s menu and then select transfer.
  10. You will then be requested to type the domain name that you want to transfer in the field Domain.
  11. Do you remember the code from GoDaddy? Copy and paste it in the field marked Transfer Auth Code. When you are done, click on the green Transfer button.
  12. Confirm that the name appearing in the field marked Owner is correct and then Continue. After domain transfer is successful, you can then enable privacy settings if you so wish.
  13. The next step is entering your payment information. We usually charge $9.99 for all domain transfers. However, you must note that ownership of the domain is usually extended to you for another one year after the present expiration date.
  14. To go back to BigRock after paying, click on Return to Payment Processing or Continue link.
  15. Check your mail for a message from BigRock. Scroll the message down to the Approve Transfer Link title and then click the link below. You should see a message informing you that domain transfer request has been confirmed and that BigRock is in the process of sending your current host about the intent to transfer your domain.
  16. Go back to your email again and by now you should see a message from GoDaddy meant for the confirming the domain transfer request. You can approve immediately if you want transfer to be completed now. If you do not react, transfer will take place in five days.
  17. Go back to My Products window at GoDaddy and then click on the Transfer tab. Click on the domain name that is listed here.
  18. Near the upper left side of the page, click on the Accept/ Decline button.
  19. Click on the accept button and then OK twice. Doing this will complete your domain transfer. It is, however, important for you to know that few days can pass before your domain becomes active on your new BigRock account.

Tips for Choosing an Online Payment Gateway

The dividends of doing business online are quite handsome especially if you get your e-commerce website right. One of the fundamental elements of an e-commerce business that has a strong bearing on your business fortunes on an e-commerce platform is the choice of a gateway. This task of selecting the best service provider is rather easily said than done for a number of reasons. The most prominent of these is the abundance of payment gateway service providers on the market. This is despite the fact that most of them have almost the same features and have the same function although there are also some differences from provider to provider. When you set out to find the best gateway for your business, you need to select one that will satisfy the needs of your business and help in the smooth running of your business transactions. That is why we are going to focus on Tips for Choosing an Online Payment Gateway.


The most important consideration in choosing a gateway payment service is the authenticity of the service. You must be wary of falling into the hands of con-artists who will take you and your customers for a ride.

There are various shopping carts on the market. Never let the comparison between the various carts get you confused. At the end of the day they serve the same purpose and all available options enjoy widespread usage.


Factors to Consider In Choosing a Payment Gateway

All the payment gateway service providers are in it for the profit and you don’t have to take everything they say as gospel. A typical example is how they will all claim to be the best in the industry.

The things to look for include but are not restricted to:


You must put the reputation of the service provider under consideration. It is common knowledge that a good service or product derives much of its sales from news of its goodness that spreads across the market with the progression of time. It is quite easy to ascertain the reputation of a service provider. You can:

  • Ask them for references of other businesses that use the same service and get in touch with the concerned businesses to hear about their experiences.
  • Search for the service provider’s reviews online and see what the people have to share
  • Go to the better business bureau website and see if there have been any complaints against the company.


It is important to rope-in a service provider who is not in their teething phase. You need experience on your side to save you from a hiccup-filled adoption. An experienced online payment gateway provider also resolves any issues in record time saving you from loss of business and the possible soiling of your reputation.  The easiest way to verify the experience issue is to look at how long the service provider has been in business.

Efficiency of the Software

When you secure payment gateway services, you will be furnished with one or more software packages. It is vital for the service provider to have worked with the software for a considerable period of time and be in a position to give you a reasonable test drive.

Other aspects that you need to look at include an analysis of the time and cost factor, knowing all he additional services, monitoring the security of your transactions, the customer’s security and the existence of religious support services.

Everything about Payment Gateways

Selling your stuff online has huge advantages the most prominent of which is access to a global market. This opportunity was unheard of save for few multinational companies just a couple of years ago. A number of businesses established their presence while the internet was in infancy although some have still not awoken to the benefits of going online. A large number of those that are yet to sell their products online have not done so due to a lack of awareness on how to proceed.  Selling your products and/or services online requires the setting up of an e-commerce website. The chief ingredients of this set up are a merchant account and payment gateway. If you don’t have an appreciation of what these 2 things are then the whole exercise of setting up an e-commerce account can be Greek to you. In this article, we are going to look at everything about payment gateways to help you understand this facility.

What Is A Payment Gateway?

The term payment gateway refers to a service that assists you in the processing of credit card payments. Customers who buy anything from your website will naturally provide their credit card information at the check-out page. Your website sends this information to the payment gateway seeking the authorization and processing of the payment. The submitted information is cross-checked with that which is available on file at the credit card company and the payment is approved when there is a match.   This is followed by the transfer of the transaction amount from the account of your customer to your own merchant account.

What Are The Requirements Of A Good Payment Gateway?

  • A good payment gateway must be able to have a safety guarantee for you and your customers. The information that is submitted by your clients as they make their payments should be protected from hackers and illegal use that can prejudice clients of their valuable savings. A vulnerable payment gateway can also compromise your finances as well resulting in unmitigated loses. The desired level of information security is achieved through encryption and other measures.
  • A payment gateway also has to be reliable in terms of giving you excellent uptime. A payment gateway that is constantly down eats away your profitability and reputation.
  • A good gateway does not have any hidden charges that come to the surface after you have already secured the service. The cost element is a vital factor to consider in the selection of a gateway. All gateways ordinarily have the same features and it is in the area of associated charges that you will come across some discrepancies.
  • A good payment gateway for your e-commerce website has to be compatible with the shopping cart. This means that the decision on which gateway to opt for has to be a team effort that incorporates the staff members handling the database and shopping cart issue
  • Another consideration that you need to make in choosing the right gateway is the level of experience and reputation that the service provider has on the market. You need to go for one that has been in service for a considerable length of time. This ensures that you can benefit from the wealth of experience gathered over the years. Issues to do with your payments are too delicate to be thrust in the arms of a rookie service provider who is obviously within the teething phase.

Depending on the target market of your business, you may want to ensure that your gateway accepts multi-currencies. This is especially vital for businesses that are targeting the global market.

How to use Online Payment Gateway to grow your Business

The virtual world has influenced every facet of our lives in a significant manner. It has got a stronghold on our social and cultural evolution, with successive generations getting increasingly influenced by the online world. Broadly speaking, the financial, socio-cultural, commercial and political world have seen some radical changes in the last few decades or so, all thanks to a few clicks. Arguably, however, the most significant upheaval has been faced by the world of business. The entire framework has been completely revolutionized by digitization, and it is an unwritten axiom now that a business has to focus on its virtual credibility in order to succeed and flourish in the market.

Online payment gateways are one of the many indicators of this trend. Brought in predominantly as a response gathering mechanism, they have gradually covered the entire gamut of marketing services, specializing in payment related issues. Online payment gateways are the newest way to transact, and any business which still does not incorporate this in their system, or does not appreciate its worth, is doing so at its own peril. There is no hiding the fact that online payment gateways have successfully replaced other kinds of payment channels and modes, and it is backed by a whopping approval of both the buying and the selling community.

How does Online Payment Gateway impact my business?

Online Payment gateways are essentially applications for a business website that connects the client’s paying mechanism with the website. They have substantially reduced the need for buyers and sellers to physically meet, for many interactions in general and for payments in particular. Apart from the streamlining of payment mechanism, its’ other benefits include

Quick payments received

Online payment gateways have made the processes involved in payment transactions, right from generating payment request to actual receipt, short and swift. Gone are the days when people had to have a waiting or gestation period between payments becoming due and being received.

Multi-currency payment options

The established entrepreneur, who caters to foreign client, has been served particularly well by online payment gateways. Most of them are enabled to accept payments in different currencies, which enhance the convenience of the foreign client and the local business significantly.

Security of information

Online payment gateways have their security mechanisms like one time passwords, digital signatures, pass codes etc. in place so that delicate information provided by clients is kept secure and does not lead to any criminal activity.

Ease of use

The graphical interfaces these applications have make it easy even for first timers to carry out a successful payment transaction. They are user friendly and offer ample scope to correct a mistake.

Optimizing the conversion rates

Almost half of the entire consumer population of the world prefers to access websites and carry out the subsequent transactions via some sort of a virtual, connected platform. Choosing virtual payment gateways helps a business to successfully cater to the tech-savvy millions and keep a step ahead of the race.

Good rates on money transfer

Costly money transferring procedures which used to take a lot of time are completed easily these days without burning a hole in your pockets, as their money transfer rates are regulated.

It is absolutely essential that any business which wants to be market leaders need to ensure that their business is enabled with an online payment gateway. The advantages accrued to a business, and the relief it gives to an entrepreneur regarding safety of transactions and recording of transactions, makes it a must-have for all businessmen whose business is supposed to stay healthy and fit in the foreseeable future.

curved uhd tv

Improvise Your Viewing Today: Samsung UHD Curved TV

Buying a Samsung product is one of the smartest choices you can make to enhance your lifestyle. Among a wide variety of outstanding products, a person is definitely compelled to make a wise choice. Samsung, being a popular choice for the cell phones, is also known for its wide range in television items. For a better picture quality and viewing experience, buying a Samsung TV is a good option. The latest product launched is UHD curved TV that provides viewing with a bold screen and attractive curved body.

To enjoy an ultimate experience do consider Samsung UHD curved TV while going through all the choices. This is an evolutionary innovation that has led to an ease of watching anything you want in the best possible way.

Key Features of UHD curved TV

Bold Screen

-          Enhanced size of the screen with a beautiful curve.

-          Also, Improves viewing with a 3D picture quality, from any part of the room.

Varieties in Screen Sizes

-          This intelligent piece of technology comes in three different sizes.

-          These variations provide a convenience of buying for people.

Multi-feature Quality

-          A new and faster hub for coordinating internet streaming with watching television.

-          Multi-link feature creates a portability option for the user.

Latest Processor

-          Equipped with the latest Quad Core Plus Processor for a faster experience.

-          Quicker loading and navigation services.

Performance Perfection

-          Delivering an overall improved performance with several top class features.

-          Home viewing has now become fun and boundless.

Points to Remember

-          Before buying an expensive product for your home, do check the features properly.

-          Especially, while buying a television, make sure that your specifications are covered.

-          For a wonderful multitasking system, ensure to buy only the latest introductions in the market.

-          Search for a unique innovation that provides a solution for every task.

Samsung has undoubtedly captured the technology market. Whether it is a cell phone or any other appliances used by a common man, it has been able to introduce a large variety. By bringing an evolution in this era of development, Samsung has surely launched some captivating products. Therefore, before looking out for other options, it is advisable to check out the extraordinary features of all the Samsung products. Whatever you need to buy, the product’s performance should be faster and easier to use it efficiently.