How to choose good web hosting India providers

Best Web HostingAre you looking for a good web hosting India service provider? Developing a possible list of such companies should not be a difficult task. You only need to find the hosting service providers that satisfy several parameters. To get hold of a reliable web host, you may have to learn how to evaluate different web hosts as well as how to establish the kind of services you need.

Customer service

Good customer service is one of the many requirements that a dependable web host should have. It is not until something goes wrong that you realize why choosing a good web host is essential. It should not always be about the pricing. When choosing a web host, ensure to look for the availability of support options such as phone, email or even a chat. Also look for online documentation and client forums and check if they have responses from the hosting India staff. Lack of these key features mean that the web hosting company may not be there to help when you need them.

Disk space is crucial

A great service as far as web hosting is concerned can also be determined by establishing the amount of space allocated to your website. There are some hosting India providers who offer their clients unlimited space and others do so at a cost. In any case, you should ensure that you have a minimum of 20% extra space than what you are using presently or what you plan to use to offer you some room for growth. It is necessary to determine how much the extra space will cost to enable you adjust when need arises. Additionally, it is not correct to think that unlimited space offers are always the best; trade-offs are always there.

Web hosting price

Although this should not always be used in your evaluation of web hosts, it is nevertheless an important factor. Mostly, you will have no problems locating web hosting India that meets your specific requirements at an affordable or worthwhile price. While free web hosting is an easy way out, it is not entirely free. Most of the free hosts usually pay themselves by placing advertisements on your website. Additionally, you might have to deal with so many extreme rules on what qualifies as a post on your own site. The key thing here is to avoid overpaying for hosting services as you can get reasonable hosting solution. On the other hand, do not underpay, especially if it is a business website.

The Right Mix of ERM and BCM – The Success Concoction

Many global companies are not adequately prepared to counter incidents that threaten their business’s continuity. Loss of crucial data, systems and processes in a security violation could send businesses tumbling down.

Business Continuity Management or BCM is a holistic management practice that identifies impending impacts, which intimidate an organization, and offers a framework for building flexibility. The process enables an efficient response which can uphold the brand reputation and interests of its key stakeholders, thereby creating value.

BCM programs characteristically do a superior job measuring business criticality to analyse and determine recovery priorities. However, the challenge for an organization lies in integrating the business with IT properly in this analysis. The BCM program should effectively coordinate with the organization’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program, approach and results.

So how and where does ERM converge with BCM?
Enterprise Risk Management or ERM has been a reputable function within businesses for quite some time, and is well embedded in many organizations, while Business Continuity Management is relatively new. Since protecting the continuity of a business process also has a component of risk management to it, BCM is often construed to be a part of ERM. Although the two are essentially separate, there are many facets of business processes that address the risk of conducting business. Additionally, there are aspects that counter risks to enable the continuity of business functions. The point of convergence – managing risks is critical to protect the continuity of the business.

A strategy, which enables a business to recover from downtime or prevent a disaster swiftly enough, is crucial for business continuity. While ERM identifies and treats risks in the organization, BCM assists the organization to develop flexible and inclusive solutions that cater to the availability of their information systems, essential data and core business processes in case of a catastrophe.

The primary focus of BCM is deterrence and response to unsettling occurrences. Risk management helps measure the probability of particular risks, but it also determines the vulnerability of critical business assets like facilities, human resources, technology, processes, etc. This in turn helps a BCM program create objectives that address specific risks.

Regardless of whether risk management is appropriate for C-level staff or it resides only within a particular department, it acts as important decision-support system. BCM should be an essential part of successful risk management. Business-continuity planning and disaster recovery are ‘life jackets’ that help an organization endure potential risks, which it cannot otherwise mitigate.

There are several variables that can potentially impact the execution of a risk management program. Some companies argue that it does not matter where BCM and ERM are positioned within a business; what is rather important is that they are effectively engaged within the business. However, some disagree. Poor positioning within an organization can significantly affect the success of the business. The Board of Directors should bring the Internal Audit and ERM groups together to create processes and monitor them effectively. Support from the senior leadership of a company, coupled with optimal integration of BCM and ERM, is a sure shot concoction that spells magic for business.

About the Author
Fadi Al-Khatib- is the Manager at CareWeb- a Corporate Governance Consultancy offering  Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) software preferred by the well known business organizations including hospitals, manufacturing firms, governmental agencies and more for different purposes. Fadi is Certified Operational Risk Management Executive and an accounts graduate.


LG G2 Mini – Higher end Smartphone with 8 MP Primary Camera

The majority of the Smartphone manufacturers has indeed gotten the message that not everyone is impressed with a 5-inch or a higher screen monstrous looking smartphone. Some smartphone makers have indeed taken it very seriously and have realized that their mighty phones may not be quite ringing the sale registers owing to their astronomical prices and thus are designing ‘mini’ editions which may not be all that good as the marquee phones but are very impressive, nonetheless.


Korean handset maker LG seems as if it is gearing up for the ‘Mini’ device strategy and is all set to  launch the G2 Mini, a small, compact and feature –packed 4.7-inch Android device that borrows much of the attractive style and designing of the stunning G2 but with stripped down hardware.

Screen and other components
The LG G2 Mini’s screen gets a pixel resolution of 960x 540 pixels and this 4.7-inch screen has a 234 pixels per inch screen density. This may not be the best of retina quality offered by some other best screens you can find in the market. Though the G2 packs a powerful 2.26 quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, its younger sibling settles with a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor. The G2 Mini also settles with nearly half the memory as compared to its big brother. It packs in 1 GB RAM cache as opposed to 2 GB RAM cache found in the mighty G2. The G2 is undoubtedly a speed demon while the G2 may sound less demonic but much impressive.

Operating System
What is quite interesting about the G2 Mini is that it runs on the 4.4 KitKat, the latest edition from Android. A few mid level smartphones still are launched in the market that run on 4.2, it is quite a welcome move by LG to have the G2 Mini run on 4.4 KitKat. The G2 Mini also gets the ergonomic controls that one sees in the G2. The power button and the volume rocker are housed beneath the camera rather than filling up the otherwise sleek edges of the device.

LG-G2-Mini-Features-priceLG has engineered the G2 Mini to be a smaller, toned down version of the marquee handset, G2 which has won many accolades, not just from  buyers but also from critics alike. The G2 Mini will be coming with several of G2’S premium UX features that is sure to leave the global audience much impressed.


UX features
Some much popular UX features that one can find in LG’s high-end G series flagship phones, like Plug & Pop and Guest Mode, are also offered in the G2 Mini to appeal to a new generation of users. Since this global, mid-range smartphone was made to satisfy the needs of countless customers in different parts of the world, the G2 Mini will be sold in different variations : four exciting color options like Gold, Red, Lunar White and Titan Black as well in 4G LTE/3G options.

xl_lg g2 webIn the past few years, the smartphone market has matured quite a lot and several new categories have been created, like premium, high end devices with a display size of 5-inch and above as well as mid-range devices that fall in the 4.5-inch screen size bracket. Being a 4.7-inch phone with excellent hardware specifications that remain unmatched in its category, the G2 Mini is likely to impress new-age consumers’ demands for a viable smartphone with high-end features. As a compact model of the smartphone that was awarded ‘Best of 2013’ phone award from various sections of the media the G2 carries the innovative and path-breaking design language of the Back Key first which was first seen in the G2. The G2 Mini packs in a 2,440 mAh battery and the vivid IPS screen display and power-packed quad-core processor deliver a exceptional multitasking experience. The fact the G2 Mini runs on 4.4 KitKat version ensures the user gets the most optimized and an up-to-date Android experience available presently in the market.

The G2 Mini is blessed with the exciting combination of the much useful and powerful Plug & Pop feature seen in LG G2. It generates a customizable menu of audio programs and apps automatically when a USB cable or earphones are connected to the device, to provide a great audio experience.  G2’s enthusiasts and users can easily identify with the Guest Mode feature. This makes use of a distinct unlock code to secure confidential passwords and other sensitive content and ensures such data is well concealed when the phone is being used by some other person.

Apart from a smaller screen size, the G2 Mini features hardware which is not as high-end as the full-blown G2 but this is only understood since the Mini, as the name suggests, is a stripped down version of the G2. The Mini will be sold with either a NVIDIA Tegra 4i chip or a Snapdragon 400 processor instead of the much powerful Snapdragon 800 processor that powers the G2. The G2 Mini also settles for a lower screen resolution as compared to its elder sibling. The 4.7-inch screen display has a 540×860 native resolution. The G2 Mini gets a 8 megapixel primary snapper and LG offers this phone in a dual SIM setup. On board storage available is 8 GB while a memory card slot is provided to expand its memory.

Though LG has not yet announced its pricing, the device will be launched in Russia first before it makes its presence felt in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Presently, LG has not provided any details of the G2 Mini’s launch in the United States.

The LG G2 Mini that will be sold in Latin America is likely to get faintly different specs, with a quicker 1.7 Ghz NVIDIA chip and also a 13 megapixel rear camera. Indeed, LG has kept the needs of consumers in mind, those that belong to different geographical regions. It will be available in an exciting palate of colors but not in every region. Though LG has not yet announced its US release, it is likely to announce prices soon.

photoThe article has been written by Kundan Kumar, who is passionate about technology. He’s working at and writes about the latest in the tech domain, right from devices to innovations. You can follow me on Twitter

Vacation Scheduling Software for Easy Business

One of the most challenging parts of any business is to keep a tab on employees working manner and scheduling their vacation period. The HR not only has to schedule the vacation but also has to manage the time to be allotted for vacation. It is clearly a tedious process and needs time for creating and maintaining the schedule on regular basis. So at this time, vacation scheduling software, which is also called as vacation accrual, is the best thing that can help in managing the schedule and also can save your time.


What vacation scheduling software does?
This software keeps a track of the employee vacation period, leaves, compensation time etc. It also reviews all the past activities of employees and prepared monthly payrolls. In simpler words, it efficiently and systematically supervises the task and manages the schedule in perfection.

The good part of vacation accrual is you can configure it as per your requirement and keep track of time that employees earn through your policies that you have in your business. It has the ability to calculate the time without manually doing it.

Generally, many companies allow their employees to carry their allotted holidays year to year. This is extremely tedious to keep a track of it. So at this time, vacation tracking software is the best that can help to make the process easier. The tracking software will automatically update each year’s vacation date on schedule. With the blend of numerous features and easy to use, this software brings down the hassle of maintaining the schedule. With the tracking software programs, you can enter the date that the employee requests for holiday. If the date has already been taken by other employee you will know instantly and manage things accordingly.

Another great feature of this software is you can set the software where employees can log in and request specific times.  This will certainly help to know the availability of the slot.

Certain advantages of the software are:
•    Stops over-scheduling of the workforce.
•    Helps to finish contracts on time
•    Negligible chances of error

There are many online software companies that design such vacation accrual software offered in lowest price with great features. You can check out them online and know more about the features included t compare with rivals. The vacation scheduling software can be extremely valuable and can help the HR department in handling the schedule of employees’ vacation.

The LG G2 Mini – In This Case, Smaller Isn’t Always Better…

 imaGenerally speaking, it’s no secret that smartphone developers at large understand that not everyone is looking for a bulky, and often cumbersome, 5+ inch mobile monster to take up their precious pocket or purse space. The mobile market generously showcases a wide variety of smartphone sizes, but overall these do tend to lean more heavily toward the big-boned side of the seesaw. In some instances we’ve seen smaller adaptations of larger phones that still maintain the firepower of their bigger brethren, but in other cases the “mini” models have not been quite up to snuff.

Concerning the spanking new LG G2 Mini, this disappointing lineage continues onward. The G2 Mini is a compact Android phone standing a triumphant 4.7 inches, sustaining the flashy outward appeal of its successful and sought-after predecessor, the LG G2. Unfortunately, the G2 Mini doesn’t quite walk the walk of its older brother as can easily be witnessed by its hardware.

The G2 Mini’s screen only manages to boast a nearly measly 960×540 pixels over its stout 4.7 inch bodice allowing for a wimpy 234 pixels per inch density. That’s really not much to gloat over at all, especially in comparison to the gleam and sheen of hundreds of other smartphones on the market. Truly, the G2 Mini’s pixel density is not even close to the ballpark of retina quality that the top mobile screens on the market have to offer.

In comparison to the original G2 which touts a whopping 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, the G2 Mini squeaks by with a mousy sized 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400. Not to mention that the G2 Mini also only has half the amount of memory that the G2 has to offer with its limp 1GB of RAM versus the 2GB provided with the original G2. Not nearly as speedy as the G2, the Mini isn’t going to fair well with users looking to hurriedly flash through their data while on the go.


But really, the G2 Mini isn’t all bad. After all, it’s still running the latest and greatest version of Android that there is to offer, the 4.4 KitKat. This is a valid point to make here seeing how many middle of the road mobile phones are greeting the market while only operating with Android 4.2. The G2 Mini even sports the same fun rear controls as the original G2, hosting its volume control and power push-button below the camera rather than clunking up the side edges of the phone where they can be accidentally pushed while traveling about.

A few other decent aspects to the G2 Mini include its 8GB of storage which is expandable with microSD, an 8-megapixel camera, and a respectable 2,440mAh swappable battery. Some specs will differ from country to country, as in Latin America’s Mini will feature a faster 1.7GHz Nvidia chip and a 13-megapixel camera. Colors will generally include white, gold, black and red, but these will not be available in every regional market. That being said, the American release and pricing has not been announced quite yet.

Ezra Melino Ezra Melino is an all-around-geek turned serious blogger out of North Carolina who not-so-secretly relishes an in-print love affair with everything from technology and multimedia entertainment to film and order dish. He has written for and managed multiple tech blogs that are devoted to exploring new technological developments all around the world.


What are the most valuable qualities for a social website design?

Social media platforms have become so ubiquitous that many people have a problem remembering a time before these solutions made it possible for people to interact and communicate. Their impact on modern day interactions is that they have become the basis for connecting with other people. However, what many fail to realize is that there existed other platforms for social interaction and communication before these websites came along. There were blogs, forums, and community boards across the internet where like-minded people could share and interact.

As some of the platforms have solidified their market share into a significant portion of the possible consumer market, rules and regulations have been tightened. It may, therefore, be a necessity for someone to create his or her own social website design to allow for interaction under his or her own interests and preferences. This aspect of web design has been simplified by the proliferation of website builder platforms across the internet. If the social media website created is to be successful, there are a number of rules that it must incorporate into its web design.


Social media platforms exist for the sole purpose of interaction of people from diverse backgrounds. The website must provide a platform for people to share information, data, and other forms of media that may be important. It is especially vital that the website makes it possible for people to share pictures, videos, and audio files as these are the most commonly shared media formats.


The beauty of using a website builder platform is the ease to create a simple and easy to use website. The era of complicated websites that were hard to use and full of unnecessary features is gone. Hence, keeping it simple is better so that a majority of the target market is attracted to use it. Simplicity should not be, however, confused for a lack of functionality or features as some of the simplest websites on the internet offer some of the most powerful services to the user.


Social media platforms must focus on user security as a fundamental feature of their web design. This is critical considering that people will not use a social media website that they do not trust to keep their information secure. Social media platforms allow people to share confidential and private information in security but only so long as security is addressed in the website design process.

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Everything you need To Know about PHP v5.4

If you are interested in latest PHP updates, you probably know that the updates that were projected for postponed PHP 6 are added to PHP 5.4.0 instead, which means that PHP now includes a large set of new features and removes several legacy behaviors. Here’s is a detailed description on what’s added and what’s removed.

Major PHP Improvements – Here is What’s Added

-    Class member access on instantiation
-    Callable typehint. It allows a string with a function name, an array composed of class name and a closure
-    Short array syntax. This makes PHP code more readable and maintainable.
-    Binary value format
-    Support for class {expr} () syntax for added flexibility for PHP
-    Support for traits. A trait is intended to reduce some limitations of single inheritance by allowing a developer to freely use different sets of methods
-    Array dereferencing support to offer implementation of array dereferencing of method return
-    Indirect method call through array
-    Changed $Global into a JIT autoglobal
-    Better performance of @(silence) operator to speed up PHP scripts that rely heavily on silence operator
-    Multi byte support by default. Now PHP can be enabled or disabled directly through zend.multibyte directive in php.ini.
-    Build-in web server used for testing purposes
-    Performance and memory usage improvements

Removed from major PHP features
-    It is no longer allowed to use variable to tell PHP exactly how many levels of enclosing loops it should skip
-    Safe mode and various related ini options
-    Register_globals and register_long_arrays ini options
-    Allow_call_time_pass_reference option is also removed

Summing up, a number of internal structures have been made smaller or eliminated completely that has resulted in around 20-50% memory savings in large PHP applications. A number of impressive technologies have appeared and PHP extensions have been created to make them easily accessible. PHP has grown and improved along with the web and has also kept a stable market share of around 70% of all the websites present today. This includes some of the biggest as well as smallest names on the web. If you have a website or want to use PHP v5.4 on your Linux servers, look for a hosting provider that provides support to the updated PHP version.

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The LG G Flex – A Neat Idea, But Not Quite Up to Snuff Yet?

LG G Flex has a lot of eyes glued to its bendy body all across this technology hungry globe, and for good reason. It’s the very first of its kind, a 4G smart-phone with a flexible display that could potentially change the game in the mobile phone industry.


LG G Flex



Said to be leaving the laboratory and invading the American market during the first quarter of 2014, there has already been quite a bit of not so hush-hush discussion as to whether or not this new model style is a doozy or a dud. Surprisingly and unfortunately, as it turns out, the latter seems to be the more general conclusion.


The word of this invention hit the streets last year and the competition was already underway with Samsung and their Galaxy Round. Featuring not only a truly remarkably bendable screen, the large LG G Flex handset also touts a brilliant 720P OLED display, 2 GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 mobile processor and a lovely 13 MP camera to boot.

LG G Flex

That all sounds well and good, of course, but when will the people get their own hands-on time to really make their personal conclusions on the G Flex? As it turns out the question is still on the table since the president of LG Canada, Frank Lee, merely stated in Las Vegas the this smart-phone will in fact be arriving on T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. No details concerning its price or date of release were given. The Vice President of Product Management at Sprint, David Owen, did however state that he had been carrying the G Flex for weeks on end and that it has been quickly and consistently noticed by others on the streets with favorable reactions. Other reviewers on the web, however, have not been looking upon this new offering in the same light. Ultimately, the decision and conclusions concerning the G Flex will be entirely subjective, but only time and experience will tell as to if this mobile device will indeed bring about a revolution in the smart-phone, as well as the greater technological, world.

Ezra Melino is an all-around-geek turned serious blogger out of North Carolina who not-so-secretly relishes an in-print love affair with everything from technology and multimedia entertainment to film and California. He has written for and managed multiple tech blogs that are devoted to exploring new technological developments all around the world.

Five ways of combining email marketing with social media

The world today is very focused on technology, which is not at all surprising given the amount of it we have available and how greatly helpful it has proven itself to be over the years. As websites such as social networks and blogs arrived there were a number of rumours that the time of email marketing was drawing to a close, but this is far from the truth; we all use our emails, possibly more so than we have in the past, so why would email marketing go anywhere?

Email marketing isn’t leaving, but it is changing. There are those implementing various marketing strategies using social media, SMS, blogs and of course emails, but what if you combined social networking with emails? Have you even thought about the possible benefits of having your marketing strategies working together in order to increase your overall coverage? What would this accomplish? Well; provided you do so correctly you have the potential of;

  1.     Turning your social network followers into email subscribers
  2.     Increasing the number of social network followers
  3.     Potential of increasing the number of emails opened and links followed
  4.     Increased sales and profits

Sounds rather nice doesn’t it? How does it work?

Well – emails tend to be a more formal and professional approach and as such they often appeal to an older audience and professionals more so than students and young adults. However; social networking is very appealing to young people, it is very popular and very active – so by having both you’re already covering an increased age range in your audiences. But there is a lot more you can do in order to get your email subscribers to become networkers and your networkers to become subscribers.

Step one; include links to your social networking profiles in your email footers.

Sometimes the reason your subscribers aren’t following your social network profiles is because they didn’t know you had them; including a link at the footer of your regular emails is a nice, easy way, of providing your readers with that information. You should have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at this least; given that these are market leaders for social networks.

Step two; offer your subscribers a few benefits and advertise it on your networks.

Now – your emails give you a chance to provide more information and exclusive offers to your readers. People are simple enough to understand, if they’re going to do something they like to have an incentive; a reason to do it. Advertising your latest offer on your Facebook page and including a link to your subscription page is likely to increase the number of email subscribers you have on your mailing list. Special offers are also one of the most commonly shared topics on social networks, so you may find you gain an increase in followers on your networks too.

Step three; advertise your email content.

Everyone with a marketing campaign has a schedule; what emails go out and when (if you don’t you really should) and with the help of this schedule you can actually market your email content; believe it or not this can increase the rate at which your emails are opened and could increase your conversion rate. It also encourages those who follow your social network profiles to subscribe to your email marketing. Of course you should already know that your email marketing emails should provide your recipients with something; helpful information, top tips, special offers, service updates – something useful to them that they will want to receive. You may want to post on your social networking the day before the emails are sent out, giving them a snippet of what is to come. People who are anticipating something are more likely to pay attention when it arrives, so this could certainly help to increase the number of people regularly reading your emails, as well as encouraging more people to subscribe to your emails.

Step four; encourage your readers to discuss.

There are two things you like to see as a business; one – your customers taking an interest in what you’re doing and two – an active social networking profile. Why not kill two birds with one stone? You might not have been aware of it, as people don’t usually respond to marketing emails on the understanding that there is no one on the other side to read their replies; but what if you invited them to converse on your social media profiles? For example; if you release a weekly newsletter and within that you review an up-and-coming product you plan to release you may want to know that your customers are actually interested in this product before you release it, so invite them to give their opinions. You should already be providing a link to your social networks, so simply prompt them to join the discussion, encourage them to express their opinions. People like to feel involved and social networks are the ideal platform for allowing customers to interact with one another as well as representatives of your company.

Step five; make the most of the social atmosphere.

Social networking is a casual, relaxed platform where people have discussions with friends and family in a comfortable setting. Professionalism is rarely stressed unless using social networks such as Linked In which are based around professional standards and relationships. Now – you could either try to make Facebook and Twitter feel like a business meeting, or you can get involved in the atmosphere that made them popular. This is not an easy thing to accomplish; the use of humour and informal language can only go so far and if you want to maintain your business’ image then you need to be sure you do it properly. When posting a picture of the snow outside your office and commenting on the beautiful weather to make your company look like real people you should make sure to get your logo or business sign in the photo; take some time to edit it and make it attractive; this is branding and it’s important but your also keeping in touch with the community. Good right? Be consistent and include the same image in your next email; give your readers a little reminder of that nice weather and the post they saw on your Facebook wall.

Kate Critchlow is a technology passionate write with interests in everything from email marketing ( to SEO techniques.kate-13130849-445-567


Geo-location Hosting Solutions for Your Website – Make Your Online Business Stand Out


All major search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing, maintain separate sites for geographical regions and individual countries. These localized search engines permit the users to limit their search results to the sites that exist within their own country. However, most webmasters are unaware that the common searches worldwide are extremely biased when it comes to the geographic location. This is an important ranking factor that is known as ‘geo-location’ in the field of SEO.

Naturally, it is important to the website owners to make sure that the major search engines are well aware of their website’s intended geographic location. Now the question arises – how can a company accomplish this?

The answer to the above-mentioned question is extremely simple! All the major search engines use two basic criteria for defining the location/country of the website.

1) The first is to check the Top Level Domain (TLD) name i.e. if your country has a country code, which means that your domain ends in a specific country code like ‘.ca’ for Canada, ‘.au’ for Australia, ‘.uk’ for the United Kingdom etc. then the site will automatically be included in country-specific search results.

2) Secondly, search engines determine the geographic location of any website with the help of its IP address. If the site’s hosted server is physically located in a specific country, then it will automatically be included in the country-specific searches.

How Geo-location Hosting Solutions can help your small business?

geo locationWhat does the geo-location hosting solution do for small website owner? By selecting a domain with Country Code TLD, you can have your website hosted anywhere in the world and still have the ‘local’ benefits of geo-location in your target country. Gone are the days when web hosting was expensive, today, a lot of domain name providers give small businesses an opportunity to get ‘geo-location’ domain name. The needs for getting a country-code TLD domain name are often limited to the relevance and the residency need that is met easily.

If you have already purchased hosting service and using a generic TLD domain name, you can always look for the providers that provide Country Code Top Level Domain name and shift your website to a new domain. You can search the web to look for a company that provides ‘geo-location’ hosting services in your country. This solution, when provided by a reputed company, can help businesses get a greater control and enhanced application performance.