Everything about Payment Gateways

Selling your stuff online has huge advantages the most prominent of which is access to a global market. This opportunity was unheard of save for few multinational companies just a couple of years ago. A number of businesses established their presence while the internet was in infancy although some have still not awoken to the benefits of going online. A large number of those that are yet to sell their products online have not done so due to a lack of awareness on how to proceed.  Selling your products and/or services online requires the setting up of an e-commerce website. The chief ingredients of this set up are a merchant account and payment gateway. If you don’t have an appreciation of what these 2 things are then the whole exercise of setting up an e-commerce account can be Greek to you. In this article, we are going to look at everything about payment gateways to help you understand this facility.

What Is A Payment Gateway?

The term payment gateway refers to a service that assists you in the processing of credit card payments. Customers who buy anything from your website will naturally provide their credit card information at the check-out page. Your website sends this information to the payment gateway seeking the authorization and processing of the payment. The submitted information is cross-checked with that which is available on file at the credit card company and the payment is approved when there is a match.   This is followed by the transfer of the transaction amount from the account of your customer to your own merchant account.

What Are The Requirements Of A Good Payment Gateway?

  • A good payment gateway must be able to have a safety guarantee for you and your customers. The information that is submitted by your clients as they make their payments should be protected from hackers and illegal use that can prejudice clients of their valuable savings. A vulnerable payment gateway can also compromise your finances as well resulting in unmitigated loses. The desired level of information security is achieved through encryption and other measures.
  • A payment gateway also has to be reliable in terms of giving you excellent uptime. A payment gateway that is constantly down eats away your profitability and reputation.
  • A good gateway does not have any hidden charges that come to the surface after you have already secured the service. The cost element is a vital factor to consider in the selection of a gateway. All gateways ordinarily have the same features and it is in the area of associated charges that you will come across some discrepancies.
  • A good payment gateway for your e-commerce website has to be compatible with the shopping cart. This means that the decision on which gateway to opt for has to be a team effort that incorporates the staff members handling the database and shopping cart issue
  • Another consideration that you need to make in choosing the right gateway is the level of experience and reputation that the service provider has on the market. You need to go for one that has been in service for a considerable length of time. This ensures that you can benefit from the wealth of experience gathered over the years. Issues to do with your payments are too delicate to be thrust in the arms of a rookie service provider who is obviously within the teething phase.

Depending on the target market of your business, you may want to ensure that your gateway accepts multi-currencies. This is especially vital for businesses that are targeting the global market.

How to use Online Payment Gateway to grow your Business

The virtual world has influenced every facet of our lives in a significant manner. It has got a stronghold on our social and cultural evolution, with successive generations getting increasingly influenced by the online world. Broadly speaking, the financial, socio-cultural, commercial and political world have seen some radical changes in the last few decades or so, all thanks to a few clicks. Arguably, however, the most significant upheaval has been faced by the world of business. The entire framework has been completely revolutionized by digitization, and it is an unwritten axiom now that a business has to focus on its virtual credibility in order to succeed and flourish in the market.

Online payment gateways are one of the many indicators of this trend. Brought in predominantly as a response gathering mechanism, they have gradually covered the entire gamut of marketing services, specializing in payment related issues. Online payment gateways are the newest way to transact, and any business which still does not incorporate this in their system, or does not appreciate its worth, is doing so at its own peril. There is no hiding the fact that online payment gateways have successfully replaced other kinds of payment channels and modes, and it is backed by a whopping approval of both the buying and the selling community.

How does Online Payment Gateway impact my business?

Online Payment gateways are essentially applications for a business website that connects the client’s paying mechanism with the website. They have substantially reduced the need for buyers and sellers to physically meet, for many interactions in general and for payments in particular. Apart from the streamlining of payment mechanism, its’ other benefits include

Quick payments received

Online payment gateways have made the processes involved in payment transactions, right from generating payment request to actual receipt, short and swift. Gone are the days when people had to have a waiting or gestation period between payments becoming due and being received.

Multi-currency payment options

The established entrepreneur, who caters to foreign client, has been served particularly well by online payment gateways. Most of them are enabled to accept payments in different currencies, which enhance the convenience of the foreign client and the local business significantly.

Security of information

Online payment gateways have their security mechanisms like one time passwords, digital signatures, pass codes etc. in place so that delicate information provided by clients is kept secure and does not lead to any criminal activity.

Ease of use

The graphical interfaces these applications have make it easy even for first timers to carry out a successful payment transaction. They are user friendly and offer ample scope to correct a mistake.

Optimizing the conversion rates

Almost half of the entire consumer population of the world prefers to access websites and carry out the subsequent transactions via some sort of a virtual, connected platform. Choosing virtual payment gateways helps a business to successfully cater to the tech-savvy millions and keep a step ahead of the race.

Good rates on money transfer

Costly money transferring procedures which used to take a lot of time are completed easily these days without burning a hole in your pockets, as their money transfer rates are regulated.

It is absolutely essential that any business which wants to be market leaders need to ensure that their business is enabled with an online payment gateway. The advantages accrued to a business, and the relief it gives to an entrepreneur regarding safety of transactions and recording of transactions, makes it a must-have for all businessmen whose business is supposed to stay healthy and fit in the foreseeable future.

curved uhd tv

Improvise Your Viewing Today: Samsung UHD Curved TV

Buying a Samsung product is one of the smartest choices you can make to enhance your lifestyle. Among a wide variety of outstanding products, a person is definitely compelled to make a wise choice. Samsung, being a popular choice for the cell phones, is also known for its wide range in television items. For a better picture quality and viewing experience, buying a Samsung TV is a good option. The latest product launched is UHD curved TV that provides viewing with a bold screen and attractive curved body.

To enjoy an ultimate experience do consider Samsung UHD curved TV while going through all the choices. This is an evolutionary innovation that has led to an ease of watching anything you want in the best possible way.

Key Features of UHD curved TV

Bold Screen

-          Enhanced size of the screen with a beautiful curve.

-          Also, Improves viewing with a 3D picture quality, from any part of the room.

Varieties in Screen Sizes

-          This intelligent piece of technology comes in three different sizes.

-          These variations provide a convenience of buying for people.

Multi-feature Quality

-          A new and faster hub for coordinating internet streaming with watching television.

-          Multi-link feature creates a portability option for the user.

Latest Processor

-          Equipped with the latest Quad Core Plus Processor for a faster experience.

-          Quicker loading and navigation services.

Performance Perfection

-          Delivering an overall improved performance with several top class features.

-          Home viewing has now become fun and boundless.

Points to Remember

-          Before buying an expensive product for your home, do check the features properly.

-          Especially, while buying a television, make sure that your specifications are covered.

-          For a wonderful multitasking system, ensure to buy only the latest introductions in the market.

-          Search for a unique innovation that provides a solution for every task.

Samsung has undoubtedly captured the technology market. Whether it is a cell phone or any other appliances used by a common man, it has been able to introduce a large variety. By bringing an evolution in this era of development, Samsung has surely launched some captivating products. Therefore, before looking out for other options, it is advisable to check out the extraordinary features of all the Samsung products. Whatever you need to buy, the product’s performance should be faster and easier to use it efficiently.


Enterprise email: Your ultimate mailing solution

Enterprise email is a mass email system you can install on your own computer or server, it is helpful for bulk emailing and organizing an efficient communication medium for your enterprise. It utilizes your enterprise database, and can be accessed using a web browser inside and/or outside your enterprise network. An enterprise email gives a professional outlook to your business and provides an ultimate mailing solution. A dedicated email for your enterprise is inevitable since the free email providers:

-        Limit the attachment size

-        Inefficient functionality

Features of an enterprise email

An enterprise email uses your own server and data to provide you competent mailing service. The key features to look forward in the enterprise email before availing the facility for your enterprise are:

Ample storage

The enterprise email service must provide ample email space for every user. There should not be any problem sending large attachment. The email infrastructure should be well developed so as to provide quick uploading and high performance.

Greater agility

The enterprise email to be used must be from a reliable service provider with good past records. The technology used must be up-to-date and should be able to handle any adverse traffic situation. The enterprise email must be compatible to work with all mobile devices be it Android, Ios, Windows or any other platform.

High end collaboration tools

Enterprise email should also provide intuitive tools like common datebook with scheduling feature, global address book, document association and work management. It should allow you to check for the availability of your team members in order to schedule a meeting by using your calendar. It should give you access to the address book with contacts details of the employees so as to ease the mailing procedure

Active technical support

The email service provider must provide round the clock technical assistance from Business email experts. The service provider must ensure the safety of your and hence the support professionals must be highly qualified with in-depth knowledge of the subject. The support should be available through phone, chat or email and take your cause to concern at the earliest.

Enterprise Email: Why do you need it for your Business

A business email provides you ample advantages over the free email providers. An experienced email solution provider enables your organization to grow by providing advance technological tools. It will also allow you to customize the email package as per your requirement.


A business email package allows you to take advantage of quick uploads, scalability and trustworthy operation. It provides efficient synchronization with your mobile devices, MS Outlook & Mac OSX.

Simple model

A competent service provider serves you out of the cloud and hence there is no requirement of IT hardware, software and hence no labor charges involved. It allows you to expand your service domain as your enterprise size enlarges.

Support other Email clients

Enterprise email provider allows you to use any desktop based email. It guides you through while configuring different email clients so that they can send/receive emails. The protocols followed usually are POP, IMAP and MAPI.

An enterprise email provides an ultimate solution to your mailing needs. It provides you with the facility to send and receive large attachments. It also allows you to easily communicate with your employees and work in a collaborative manner on a collective task by sharing individual inputs. The service provider to be employed for availing this service must be a reliable one with vast experience in this domain. It should cater to the requirements of the enterprise for effective package customization. Active technical support must be available at your service round the clock so that you can get instantaneous solution to your email related issue.

samsung laptop

Laptops in India: The Weapon of Choice for a New Generation

The technological boom that completely rattled the established notions of every sphere of activity in the world was quick to spread its roots in India and establish itself as the most feasible pathway to glory and recognition of the youth in the corridors of the world.  More than 60 years of rule had left our country reeling, and Indians were mostly playing ‘catch up’ with the world. However, the advent of computers and laptops opened a whole new window of possibility and a significant number of the people of late 70’s-90’s generation devoted their single-minded attention to gaining more knowledge about the world of information technology.
samsung laptop Laptops, when first introduced in the Indian market in the late 70’s , were not really popular as they were heavy and not at all pocket friendly. However, as the PC revolution started taking a dive in the late 2000s, the laptop market went into a state of perpetual thrive.  Companies like HP, Dell and Lenovo, the pallbearers of the laptop movement, made much use of the increased requirements of the tech-savvy youth who had varied needs of anytime-anywhere internet, compatible systems able to be carried anywhere and constantly changing headquarters of the IT industry.

The situation today is starkly different. The world of laptops has been sprinkled with a lot of heavyweight contenders, all vying to gain maximum share in the Indian market, which has been predicted to go through exponential growth in the coming years. As the PC market grew by just 3.5% from 2007-2013, the laptop and smartphone-tab market has seen a staggering 48% rise! Companies like Samsung have emerged as the most successful player during this time, as they provide quality devices in both these areas, and continuously look to tweak their products with user-friendly innovations.

Information demand is being generated from every nook and corner of the planet and the laptop, known for its ease-of-use and flexibility, has been beaten in its own game by several devices which offer much more ease of carrying, without compromising much on any other uses. However, the massive changes that are being planned by tech-giants like Samsung may see the laptops revitalized for another bout, and re-emerge as the preferred weapon in the arsenal of Indian youth, to help reach greater heights!

Motorola Moto E vs. Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

If there are two phones that are destined for a grueling duel, it is the Motorola Moto E and the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. The Moto E has just been released while the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 has been around for a little while now.

What makes these forms face off with each other is the fact that they are both found in the sub Rs10, 000 market segment and they both come from two of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world. This makes them the best options for anyone who seeks to have an unbridled Android experience. Both phones present a better alternative to the Indian and Chinese phones that are mostly found within the same price range.

To get a clear understanding of the unfolding battle we need to make a stop at the specifications of the duo.

  Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 Moto E
PROCESSOR 1.2 GHz dual core Cortex A9 CPU 1.2 GHz dual core snapdragon 200 chipset.

Adreno 302 GPU

DISPLAY 4 inch, WVGA Resolution 480×800


4.3 Inch, qHD Resolution 960x540pixels.



4GB Internal Memory

MicroSD Support up to 64GB


4GB Internal Memory

MicroSD Support up to 32GB

CAMERA 5MP Primary Camera

VGA Secondary Camera

LED Flash

5mp Primary Camera

No Secondary Camera

No LED Flash

BATTERY 1500 mAh

8 hours of talk time

280 hours of standby time

1980 mAh Lithium-ion unit

Supposed to last a full 24 hours  of the day

OS Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Android 4.4 KitKat
PRICE Rs8600 Rs6999


While the Moto E has a bigger battery and better display quality than the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, it is compromised by its inferior camera, lack of a secondary camera, absence of an LED Flash and a lower microSD support. For people who value the quality of their photographs and love to use video calling the Moto E is an absolute turn off. It however makes up for the lost ground by coming at a price that is lower than its Samsung counterpart by w3ell over a thousand Rupees.

Although the Moto E has faster processing owing to the better processor and bigger RAM. The scenario does not take much away from the S Duos 2 as it also processes tasks and gaming quite well. At the end of the day, it is left up to the individual consumer to make a decision based on their priorities.

How to Choose a Good Web Design Service Provider

Building a web presence and having the ability to promote your website effectively could take you hours or even days of trying to find different web design service providers such as website designers, web developers, web hosts, SEO experts, online marketing, link builders, article writers and logo designers among many other website design services. This is particularly complicated as many companies offer all or some of these services to businesses and individuals. This highlights the importance of finding a way to narrow down the search by devising a strategy or determining factors to keep into consideration.
How to choose a reliable service provider

There are many companies out there who can help you build any size or type of website that you wish to have. They can build websites ranging from small custom designs to extremely or highly advanced ones. If you need best results, you need to find a service provider who is committed to helping achieve growth and success in your goals. So, what are some of the things that you need to keep into consideration?

For starters, look for a company that offers excellent customer service. This is the kind of service provider who will be willing to offer comprehensive advice along the way. It will ensure that you are free from worry even if you are not a web guru because they will have you covered. Look for a service provider who is willing to develop your website with user friendly content management system as well as non obligatory training on how to make use of your website.

Look for a company that allows you direct access to their website designers who designed your website. Your website design service providers should have highly skilled team of website designers for you to be confident of the services provided. Locate a company that is willing to respond and answer your calls or reply to your emails at any time of the day or night. Look for features such as live chat, telephone numbers or even an email address on their website to be sure that they are contactable when need be.

You may also want to consider seeking web design services of a reputable company. For once, you will be providing your payment details and, therefore, need a company that you can trust with such vital information. Also look out for unique yet genuine packages offered by different companies before settling on any one of them.


Why must you upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S5

Over the last 5 years, Samsung has emerged as the kingpin of smartphones, constantly shelving out models that leap over their predecessors. Their constant zeal for innovation, focus on utility building and relentless marketing efforts has made the other players in this field dormant. This spring, Samsung brings out the latest entrant to the arena of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S5, in its bid to neutralize the competition even further. Let’s see whether its arrival results in the slow fade out of its precursor, the Samsung Galaxy s4, or whether the oldie is able to hold its ground in front of this new giant!


Looks that matter

Samsung has worked to sharpen the design and feel of S5. Although it still has a plastic body, the perforated back has given a soft finish that feels good to touch. The S5 is a wee bit heavier (15g) and wider (2mm) than S4, with anodized finish around the corners. Battery can still be accessed easily by opening the back cover, a useful function which most high-end phones have done away with.

The launch line-up of S5 promises the conventional colors of black and white along with the blingy and vibrant blue and gold variations. TheS4, being in the market for over a year now, is available for an array of colors, from red, purple, silvery mist to the subtle yet bold black and whites.

The screen of S5 gives an impeccable image quality thanks to a restructuring of the Super AMOLED core and added efforts to calibrate the screen color and contrasts. Without taking anything away from the quality display of S4, it can be easily said that The S5 has brought with it probably the best in its class screen, with a never before seen natural tone of colors that give a better control and color accuracy.

Smarter at its core

Galaxy S5 uses the Snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.5GHz processor in deviation to the Snapdragon 600 quad core 1.9 GHz used by its prototype, the S4. This alteration has made the CPU leaps and bounds better, as validated by the Geekbench 3 benchmark which gives S5 a whopping 2908 points in comparison to S4’s 2,240 points for overall CPU capabilities.

What it means for users-High graphic requirement games can be played longer on S5, along with a better ability to handle multiple tasks running simultaneously.

Battery back-up is a big bone of contention for users these days as the usage of phones has increased considerably, demanding more life out of the little machines. Galaxy S5’s hardware upgradations due to a power horse processor have resulted in a lot more stamina that the S4 lacks. A 14-hour stretch of video playback in S5 as compared to 11 hours in S4 is a significant improvement. Apart from that, The S5 has introduced an extreme power-saving structure that makes the screen go black and white and lets you use only some essential apps, cutting down the rest. You can really hope to make the phone last a full day with just 10 per cent charge left, thanks to this mode.

It seems that Samsung people have really put on their thinking hats when it comes to S5’s camera. For the first time, this phone uses an ISOCELL sensor (again a product of the Samsung think-tank) for a 16MP resolution, with a 16:9aspect ratio. However, the real clincher is the new HDR mode which gives you an amazing focusing speed of 0.3 seconds and lets you capture multiple frames, even ones you never intended to!

The S4 tames in comparison with a 13MP Sony sensor and a 4:3 aspect ratio that cuts in to the sensor without letting you use the full 13megapixels, stopping short at just 9.6.

Added to that

The S5 is replete with features that are not to be found in S4. Here are a few:

Fingerprint scanner- Though iPhone5S was the first to introduce this feature, the S5 has added pretty useful services to it, for example, your Pay-Pal purchases can now be made just by the swipe of your thumb. Located beneath the central select button, it can be even used to lock/unlock the phone, along with the traditional pass codes. An interesting thing about this feature is that it is open to other app developers to innovate around and use.

IP67 certification-This standard certifies that S5 is surely not a scared water baby as it can survive for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water! (It still does not give you a license to plunge into the pool with the phone in your pocket!)

USB 3.0 port-Galaxy S5 is one of the very few phones that use the larger-socketed micro USB 3.0 connector for swifter data transfer and faster charging, when used with a USB 3.0 computer port.

What’s the verdict then? The Samsung galaxy S5 has surely emerged as a worthy successor to the S4, building on its qualities while getting rid of its faults, more or less. It is a phone that is will make the smartphone world sit back and take notice! As for the buyers, it will set their hearts racing, and measure it for them as well with its heart rate sensor app!

How to choose good web hosting India providers

Best Web HostingAre you looking for a good web hosting India service provider? Developing a possible list of such companies should not be a difficult task. You only need to find the hosting service providers that satisfy several parameters. To get hold of a reliable web host, you may have to learn how to evaluate different web hosts as well as how to establish the kind of services you need.

Customer service

Good customer service is one of the many requirements that a dependable web host should have. It is not until something goes wrong that you realize why choosing a good web host is essential. It should not always be about the pricing. When choosing a web host, ensure to look for the availability of support options such as phone, email or even a chat. Also look for online documentation and client forums and check if they have responses from the hosting India staff. Lack of these key features mean that the web hosting company may not be there to help when you need them.

Disk space is crucial

A great service as far as web hosting is concerned can also be determined by establishing the amount of space allocated to your website. There are some hosting India providers who offer their clients unlimited space and others do so at a cost. In any case, you should ensure that you have a minimum of 20% extra space than what you are using presently or what you plan to use to offer you some room for growth. It is necessary to determine how much the extra space will cost to enable you adjust when need arises. Additionally, it is not correct to think that unlimited space offers are always the best; trade-offs are always there.

Web hosting price

Although this should not always be used in your evaluation of web hosts, it is nevertheless an important factor. Mostly, you will have no problems locating web hosting India that meets your specific requirements at an affordable or worthwhile price. While free web hosting is an easy way out, it is not entirely free. Most of the free hosts usually pay themselves by placing advertisements on your website. Additionally, you might have to deal with so many extreme rules on what qualifies as a post on your own site. The key thing here is to avoid overpaying for hosting services as you can get reasonable hosting solution. On the other hand, do not underpay, especially if it is a business website.

The Right Mix of ERM and BCM – The Success Concoction

Many global companies are not adequately prepared to counter incidents that threaten their business’s continuity. Loss of crucial data, systems and processes in a security violation could send businesses tumbling down.

Business Continuity Management or BCM is a holistic management practice that identifies impending impacts, which intimidate an organization, and offers a framework for building flexibility. The process enables an efficient response which can uphold the brand reputation and interests of its key stakeholders, thereby creating value.

BCM programs characteristically do a superior job measuring business criticality to analyse and determine recovery priorities. However, the challenge for an organization lies in integrating the business with IT properly in this analysis. The BCM program should effectively coordinate with the organization’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program, approach and results.

So how and where does ERM converge with BCM?
Enterprise Risk Management or ERM has been a reputable function within businesses for quite some time, and is well embedded in many organizations, while Business Continuity Management is relatively new. Since protecting the continuity of a business process also has a component of risk management to it, BCM is often construed to be a part of ERM. Although the two are essentially separate, there are many facets of business processes that address the risk of conducting business. Additionally, there are aspects that counter risks to enable the continuity of business functions. The point of convergence – managing risks is critical to protect the continuity of the business.

A strategy, which enables a business to recover from downtime or prevent a disaster swiftly enough, is crucial for business continuity. While ERM identifies and treats risks in the organization, BCM assists the organization to develop flexible and inclusive solutions that cater to the availability of their information systems, essential data and core business processes in case of a catastrophe.

The primary focus of BCM is deterrence and response to unsettling occurrences. Risk management helps measure the probability of particular risks, but it also determines the vulnerability of critical business assets like facilities, human resources, technology, processes, etc. This in turn helps a BCM program create objectives that address specific risks.

Regardless of whether risk management is appropriate for C-level staff or it resides only within a particular department, it acts as important decision-support system. BCM should be an essential part of successful risk management. Business-continuity planning and disaster recovery are ‘life jackets’ that help an organization endure potential risks, which it cannot otherwise mitigate.

There are several variables that can potentially impact the execution of a risk management program. Some companies argue that it does not matter where BCM and ERM are positioned within a business; what is rather important is that they are effectively engaged within the business. However, some disagree. Poor positioning within an organization can significantly affect the success of the business. The Board of Directors should bring the Internal Audit and ERM groups together to create processes and monitor them effectively. Support from the senior leadership of a company, coupled with optimal integration of BCM and ERM, is a sure shot concoction that spells magic for business.

About the Author
Fadi Al-Khatib- is the Manager at CareWeb- a Corporate Governance Consultancy offering  Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) software preferred by the well known business organizations including hospitals, manufacturing firms, governmental agencies and more for different purposes. Fadi is Certified Operational Risk Management Executive and an accounts graduate.