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Who Wins the Competition Between S4 VS SONY XPERIA Z?

In the market of smartphones you will find two very important companies and those two companies are; Samsung and Sony Xperia. And thus when you are planning to buy a smartphone you are really in a fix and you do not know which is better than the other. Well, there is a way to evade your tension and all your dilemmas and that are, by having a comparison and a competition between these two companies, or between the products of these two companies. For example you can have a competition between Samsung S4 VS SONY XPERIA Z.

The Display Of These Two Phones

To start the competition you should take in account the very basic thing like the display and you should compare the display feature of Samsung S4 with that of Sony Xperia Z. So, let’s see display wise which one is better than the other:

  • Well, both these phones have a 5 inches display and not only that both these phones 1080X1920 pixels resolution. The difference in display lies in the technology used by these two different companies. For it is the Sony Xperia Z TFT technology and for the Samsung S4 technology used is the Super Amoled technology.
  • The pixel density of the Sony Xperia Z is 443ppi whereas the pixel density Samsung S4 is 441ppi. Not only that the Samsung S4 has a Corning Gorilla glass 3, glass used in this display; and the Sony Xperia Z has the Dragontail, used in its display for its glass.

The Camera Used In Both The Phones

Another thing that is also very important is the camera that is being used in these two phones. Nowadays most of the people use phone camera instead of any other kinds of camera and thus while having a comparison between S4 vs Sony Xperia Z you should keep in mind this thing too. So, let’s compare the cameras and its features in these two phones:

  • If you compare the features of the camera of these two phones then they are more or less the same that is both have the illuminated sensor at the back and face and smile detection features. But the Samsung S4 also has an image sensor and that is the CMOS image sensor and not only has that it also had a voice activation feature.

Summary- If you compare the S4 vs Sony Xperia Z these two models then you will find not much difference and if you go by the user review then both have received 9.2 ratings.

All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

Smartphones are invading the country as a rocket’s pace, and all you can do is to join the tidal wave of Smartphones that are going to sweep this country. Samsung has made quite a business of its galaxy series and has many models. The galaxy grand series is the intermediate one between the note series and star series. If you want to know about the specifications and details, you don’t need to search anywhere but here. From the various details about the exciting new features that Samsung has included, you can find the most essential in one single page.

Display, platform and memory

The samsung galaxy grand neo series came out on February, 2014 and has been in business since then. The essential features of its display, memory and platform are-

•    TFT touch screen with 16M colours

•    Resolution of 480*800 pixels

•    A screen size of 5.01 inches

•    Comes with the Android Jelly Bean and upgradable to Android KitKat (v4.4.4)

•    Quad-core CPU with 1.2 GHz clock speed

•    Multi-touch facility with the latest GPU

•    16 GB internal memory with 1 GB RAM, microSD slot expandable up to 64 GB

Camera, sound and communication features

All Smartphones are equipped with good cameras these days. Here is what the phone can offer you-

•    The primary camera comes with a 5 MP resolution with each photograph being of 2592*1944 pixels.

•    Great advantage of LED flash and autofocus systems

•    A new feature called geotagging has been rendered

•    Video available at 720p@30 fps while the secondary camera is VGA

•    You can use vibration, MP3 ringtones and listen to songs using loudspeaker and the headphone jack

•    FM radio and Bluetooth is available

•    Features like Wi-Fi and GPS are also there.

Other features and battery

Like all good Smartphones, samsung galaxy grand neo come with sensory features like accelerometer, proximity sensor and directional sensor like the compass. The latest HTML5 is used for internet experience with java-enabled features. All sorts of messaging and e-mail systems are available on this phone. The battery is the usual Li-ion battery with fantastic 11 h talking facility. Coming in vibrant colours and light as ever, this phone is here to storm the market. It is surely the best thing you get at this price. So, whether you are a Samsung buyer or not, go grab this piece of innovation today before it runs out of the market. Flaunt the smartphone with the latest features and be the cynosure everywhere. You can access everything from the phone.


Good Features Available At A Moderate Air Conditioner Price

An air conditioner is a very important appliance, especially during the summer seasons. It may be built in anywhere to keep the atmosphere cool and to regulate the temperature. An air conditioner may be built inside an elevator, a car, your bedroom or sitting room. Nowadays, there are centrally air conditioned buildings everywhere, where the air conditioner is present from the corridors to the washrooms. The utility and use ability of air conditioners have increased beyond mention. As a result, most people buy these. However, there are certain things to consider while buying one.

The temperature range

  • Any of these appliances, with a moderate air conditioner price should have a good temperature range.
  • This should cover a wide range from the lowest to the highest temperature that it can attain.
  • A good temperature range gives you more control over the atmosphere you want to attain.
  • It gives you much more comfort as that is the only attribute required of an air conditioner.
  • So while buying this, make sure of the temperature range. A good range makes for a much better air conditioner in more ways than one.

All digital features

  • Some of these appliances come with a lot of digital innovations.
  •  It may have a digital control board for ease of controlling. This actually spares you a lot of toil and trouble and is a feature worth spending over.
  • Some of these may also have a built in timer control. Thus all you need to do is set a timer.
  • Even if you fall asleep, the air conditioner will be switched off after the end of the timer. You need not get up to switch it off.
  • This is another great utility for you. It makes everything much easier for you by taking off the maximum toil and trouble off your shoulders.

The price of it

The air conditioner price should pack all these features and still be moderate. These features are not very expensive and many companies provide these. A proper digitalized air conditioner, nowadays, is easily obtainable at proper prices. Hence, you need to look for good features at a proper price. It is better not to spend a huge amount on the first air conditioner you see. Once you look around a bit you will be sure to find something which suits all your needs at a proper price. This is the basic guide which you need to keep in mind while buying an air conditioner.

document mangement syetem

Document Management System- an efficient document manager

Document Management System is simply a computer program based system that is used to track documents, manage them properly and store them safely. It can be regarded as a component of enterprise content management system, or may also be related to records management system, digital asset management, workflow system or document imaging. From 1980 onwards, many companies began to develop software systems for managing paper based documents, including photographs and prints. Then later on, some of the companies began to develop another type of software system which could manage all sorts of electronic documents. These included files created on the computers and stored on the file system of the users. The ambiance of this software grew bigger and now, the new and added applications include not only electronic documents, but collaborations, workflow, auditing software ensuring full security to the documents.

Components of this software system

This system normally offers document storage, metadata, retrieval capacity, versioning, and also indexing and many more. Some of the components of this software system are as follows:

  • For each of the documents, the Metadata including the date in which the document was stored, and the identity of the person storing it, is as a rule stored. Optical character recognition is also used by some systems on scanned images or text extractions and is stored as a basic component of the metadata.
  • Indexing is the component that tracks the electronic documents, and provides classification by the metadata or by word index taken from the contents of the document. Indexing supports recovery of documents.
  • Capture, another component involves accommodating and processing images from paper documents from multifunction printers. Here OCR and OMR software are often used convert images into readable text by the machine, and to take out the values of check boxes.
  • Distribution is that component which is responsible for making it ready for being distributed electronically.
  • Many DMS have an in-built-workflow unit that performs a number of complex jobs. There are various types of workflows that are used according to the types of documents.

Usefulness of this efficient system of managing documents

It is very helpful for any enterprise to manage their documents well, in order to reach heights in their performance scale. With this software one can keep full control over their documents by planning them properly, monitoring their progress, distributing them with an incorporated transfer of funds and review cycles. One can also find information almost instantly and optimize their efficiency by the multi search or drill down options and other automated procedures.

Document Management System is an effective and cost and time saving software assistance that should be procured by all who are involved in document storage and management works.

Select the most appropriate and efficient laser printer for high quality printout

Printing has become a part and parcel of every individual’s life. Printers have occupied a significant place in every aspect of life varying from a business organisation to a common household. In this world of advanced technology, everything is running at a fast pace, and so are business organisations. The earlier traditional printers have been replaced by the new models of printers to provide quick and instant support to the users. Over the years, printers have also undergone various technological changes which have resulted in advanced quality printouts.


At present, the most prevalent generation of printers is of laser printer. This type of printer uses advanced technology of non-impact photo copier with the help of which high quality printing facility can be easily availed. People of current generation generally prefer this type of printers to meet out their requirements. It is very essential to select the most appropriate and efficient laser printers for extreme quality usage. Some of the most common and specific features of such kind of printers that should be observed while purchasing include:

  • Speed and print capacity: The most significant feature of such types of printers is their speed and printing capacity. It is the deciding factor of the popularity of such printers. There are different types of laser printers available according to their utility which can be categorised in two sections including personal printers and professional printers.
  • Resolution of printing: Apart from the speed and the printing capacity of the laser printers, the printing resolution also plays a significant role while purchasing an efficient laser printer. The standard resolution which is offered by most of the laser printers is 600 dpi (Dots per inch) which is sufficient enough for regular day to day printing. However, high resolution laser printers are also available in the market with a resolution of 2400 dpi which is generally used in professional printing.
  • Language of the printer: Another most significant feature of laser printers is printer languages. The standard language of printers for most of the laser printers is PCL (Printer Control Language) which is generally used for database printouts, letters printing, simple graphics printing and spreadsheets printing.
  • Convenient handling: Handling of printers is both users friendly as well as technical. Thus it is always suggested to the users to purchase only those laser printers which are convenient to use.

An Irresistible and Appealing Overview of Galaxy S4 Mini

Most of the latest models of Samsung mobile phones have achieved a towering popularity due to the availability of top notch quality of features suiting completely with the modern contemporary fashion. Hence Galaxy S4 Mini has been introduced currently by Samsung which further adds a new dimension to its fame. The primary factors behind its increasing demand are its compact size and smaller price. In fact most of the features which are present in big Galaxy S4 you can get them in S4 mini and that too in much cheaper rate.

galaxy s4 mini

Outstanding Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini:-

It is the characteristics of this touchscreen bar phone which will influence you to purchase it. So some of the very remarkable features are as follows –

v Type of Network – This particular mini version of Galaxy S4 offers you the benefit to access in any type of network. It is suitable for GSM, UMTS, HSUPA, LTE or Cat3. So it does not matter which network you opt for.

v Size and Weight – Galaxy S4 has an appealing frame of the dimension with a sensible weight of 107 g. The dimension 124.6×61.3×8.9 mm is found to be quite parallel to the other models of Samsung Galaxy.

v Operating System -   It is supported by Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Moreover it is powered by Dual core Krait processor of 1.7 GHz to offer you better quality of graphics and layout.

v High Profile Memory – This Android phone provides 1.5 GB RAM and has an internal storage capacity of 8GB. By using a microSD card the internal storage capacity is expandable.

v Display Resolution - This phone comes with a touch screen display facility of super AMOLED capacitive touch-screen and has a qHD of 540 x 960 pixels display resolution. This creates an efficient pixel density.

v Still Camera - The most attractive feature about this Samsung Android phone is the presence of top class camera which includes 8 MP auto-focusing with face detection, LED flash, image stabilization in addition to front facing camera.

v Video Camera - Its video has also the features of full HD and recording at 30fps.

v Additional Features - It supports multimedia options such as TouchWiz, Accelerometer, Air gestures, multi-touch input, smart screen, proximity sensor, gyroscope sensor etc.

v Connectivity – Galaxy S4 mini phone includes dual band Wi-Fi, GPS, Wi-Fi hotspot, FM, audio jack, standard Micro-USB port, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth 4.0+HS.

It’s the high standard features of Galaxy S4 Mini version phone that is making it more favourite to people of the latest fashionable society. 

A step ahead of time-Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

As we move towards the future our needs for better technology also increases. Hence today tablets can be seen widely used. Samsung has of late launched its tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 of 2014 edition. With great design and grand features this tablet is undoubtedly one of best launched recently.


Pros and cons

Like every product this tab too has some good and some bad features. Let’s start with all the good points this product has. These are:

  • Design

This tablet has excellent design. It is thin and light hence easy to use. The back has a sleek look with a leather-like feel.  The sides are nice and thin with buttons or slots for microSD or USB. The keys are at the right place for easy handling.

  • S pen

An added advantage of buying this product is the S pen. The pen is designed to fit in the holster and can be easily pulled out using the metal ridges on the top.

  • Beautiful display and features

The screen resolution of this tab is quite superb with TFT LCD panel. Features like Multi Window, Scrapbook, My magazine, Memo etc are outstanding.

The cons of this tablet are the following:

  • Battery

The battery life is not that good as compared to other models.

  • Performance

The tablet gives a bit slow performance especially while using games and multimedia.

Features of this tablet

Some of the key features of this tablet are given bellow. They are:

  • This tablet has 1.9GHz dual-core processor powdered with Cortex-A15 CPU.
  • The screen size is 10.10 inches with screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (WQXGA) display in 16 m colors. The PPI or pixel per inch is 299.
  • It is supported by 4.3 Android Jelly Bean OS which is upgradable up to 4.4.2.
  • The 8 megapixel camera with a LED flash and whole lot of feature is available with this tab. The front camera is 2 megapixels.
  • It has 3GB Ram with internal memory of 16GB. The memory is expandable up to 64GB.
  • There is a big non-removable battery Li-PO 8220mAh.
  • This tablet comes in Wi-Fi, 3Gand 3G + LTE models.

Summary – Although Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has a high price, yet the sleek looks and mind-blowing features like My Magazine, Multi Window and S pen makes this tablet an excellent choice. So if you want a stunning looking tablet with great quality sound and good features, go for this one.


Successful performance delivered by Samsung grand

These days, smartphone users have a lot of points listed in their favourite list. They want to purchase a device, which is not just a mobile handset but a versatile gadget, which can accomplish their requirements of work, entertainment and a lot more. Understanding such requirements, the solution providers need to manufacture the suitable device. There are leading brands in smartphones industry, which are ready with an intelligently designed range of handsets, which hold all the ability to meet customer expectations. Samsung grand is one remarkable example in this series.


A handset, which doesn’t have the promise of quality performance attached with it and loaded with excellent features, it can never be able to win hearts of customers. The end users have higher expectations and therefore, it becomes mandatory for the manufacturers to come up with really brilliant and advanced devices. These days, mostly android based smartphones are preferred by users. Being an open source platform, android has offered excellent benefits. It has enabled every app developer with creative and unique imaginations to develop applications. Hence, the users have myriad of choices available when it comes to discover applications for different purposes.

In short, such handsets are equipped with countless options of entertainment, effective work accomplishment and communication. This is the reason that smartphones are considered as extended part of human body. It is unimaginable to have a balanced lifestyle without the support of these creatively designed devices with immense potential. With the presence of innumerable options in terms of apps, it has become easier for the modern day handset users to manage the communication circle of their lives. These days, users don’t just use handsets for making calls; rather they do it for multiple purposes including internet access, social networking and entertainment. In built applications and interfaces work as the key elements to fulfil their requirements.

Samsung grand is a renowned model in the galaxy series, which has captured eyes of customers because of its brilliant features. The device has 5″ TFT capacitive touch screen and 8MP camera, which captures clear and crisp images. The device is perfectly suitable for multitasking and has a strong user interface. The device is 3G enabled and supports Wi-Fi and GPS setup. A user can discover the potential of device in multiple manners and enjoy working on multiple things altogether. The large screen with clear resolution adds a unique level of clarity to the end users.



Samsung Tab 3 – The ultra modern tablets for the modern society

Tablet is the new trend in the society. This is the modern modified version of mobile phones which offers the combined benefits of a mobile phone and a laptop. In the segment of tablets, Samsung is definitely amongst the frontrunners. Samsung offers different models of tablets and amongst them the name of Samsung Tab 3 features in the best sellers’ list. After the grand success of Samsung tab 2, the company decided to launch Samsung tab three with upgraded and modern version.


Design of Tab three

This model has all the features of a high end Smartphone. It has a sober look and screen of 7 inches. The body of the tab is made up of shinny plastic material which is unbelievably sturdy. The weight of the tab three is quite light which can be carried easily. The body of this tab is not thin but still it can be conveniently carried by the user. The front side of the tablet has three buttons which is located just below the screen. The middle button is for navigating the home menu. The side buttons are for navigating menu and going back. Proximity sensor, light, speaker and a 1.3 megapixel camera are also located in the front side. The bottom of the tablet body has USB port and speakers whereas at the top of the body you will get the port for 3.5 mm jack.

On the right side of the tablet you will get buttons for volume control and power switch. On its right side you will find a slot for memory card and another one for SIM 2 of micro design. On the back of the Tablet 3 the rear camera of 2 megapixel capacity is located.

Features of the tablet 3

ü  Touch enabled capacitive 7 inches screen

ü  Great voice clarity while making calls

ü  Operating system of Android version 4.2.2

ü  Dual core processor of 1.2 GHz

ü  Random access memory of 1 Gigabyte

ü  Autofocus 2 megapixel camera with face detection technology

ü  Video recording of VGA quality

ü  Internal storage capacity of 8 GB

ü  3G voice calls are allowed

ü  Tablet has Wi-Fi

ü  Device has GPS facility

ü  Bluetooth of version 4.0

ü  Charging port comes in micro USB facility

ü  Sensor is enabled with accelerometer technology

ü  Tab has audio jack of 3.5 mm

ü  Battery of 3600 mAH

ü  This tab can be used for editing documents


Samsung tab 3 has all the features of a modern Smartphone as well as tablet. This is the upgraded version of Samsung tab 2. This calling tab has great camera and excellent applications in it. This adds value to a person’s social prestige.


Samsung S Duos- simple, good and affordable

The demand for smart phones is increasing day by day. But many are so expensive that a common man cannot afford to buy.  Samsung S Duos is one such phone that does not burn a hole in your pocket and yet gives you the features of Android phone. It is a dual sim, dual camera 4.0 inch screen phone. The main plus point of the phone is the easy operating of the dual sim.  Though it is smaller in size than the Samsung Galaxy III yet it looks quite similar in design. The body looks bulky but it is a light weight phone. The phone has a good call quality. The sound and camera is quite decent. The internet connectivity is also good. Overall you get a nice smart phone from a brand like Samsung at a good price point.


Some features of this phone

  • The phone weighs around 120grams and has a dimension of 121.50 x 63.10 x 10.50 mm.
  • It has a 4.0 inch multi-touch screen with TFT captive touch. The screen resolution is 480 x 800 pixels display in 16 m colors.
  • This phone is supported by Android Operating System of v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It has 1GHz Single processor powdered by Cortex-A5 CPU.
  • It has 768GB RAM with an internal memory of 4GB out of which only 1.8GB is free for the user. Memory can be expandable up to 32GB with microSD card.
  • This dual camera phone that has a primary camera of 5 megapixels with autofocus feature and a LED flash. The video recording is in 640 x 480 pixels. There is a front camera of 0.3 megapixels.
  •  The battery here is Li-Ion1500mAh which gives a talk time up to 12 hours. It gives a stand-by of nearly 445 hours.
  • It is dual sim phone requires two regular mini- sim GSM. It gives both 2G and 3G support for both the sims.
  • Sound quality is good with loudspeaker. Mp3, Mp4 and WAV are supported in this phone.  A 3.5mm audio jack is also available.
  • It provides GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, hot spot, Bluetooth v3.0 and microUSB v2.0.
  • There is Stereo FM radio with RDS.


Everybody can’t purchase costly phones but want to use feature loaded one.  Hence Samsung gives you Samsung S Duos which is a reasonably priced, 4 inch touch screen phone with Android OS. These reasons make this phone worthy enough to buy.